(Source: Paramount Pictures)
(Source: Paramount Pictures)

Spoilers. I didn’t need a lot to guess this one out.

Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a pilot turned farmer trying to raise his young kids, his son Tom and bright spark daughter Murphy. Murphy is a bit of a child prodigy, who claims there’s a ghost in her bookcase. Cooper soon finds out there’s some truth, a gravitational anomaly, which leads him to a lost base of NASA.

The earth has been depleted of resources, so Professor Brand (Michael Caine) insists Cooper joins his daughter Amelia (Anne Hathaway) in a mission to find three explorers that went out looking for a new planet to colonize. The catch? They need to travel through a wormhole that will take them light years away. Time will pass faster in Earth. Murphy refuses to talk to his father, insisting he stay.

Promising to return, Cooper leaves anyways. The result is an adventure in space with one overarching mystery, one that you might be able to see through from the start.

Unfortunately for me, I did just that. The setup is a bit unmistakable. There is some science mixed in with fantasy in the end. However, I did enjoy for the most part the acting of Matthew McConaughey as Cooper and Jessica Chastain as the grown up Murphy.

Half-heartedly recommended, which means wait until it appears on Netflix. I’m not saying this to sound like an elitist, but when you can guess the ending before the movie even goes into space… well, you might have not built as complicated a maze as you think, Mr. Nolan. I did empathize with Cooper and his daughter, but the fact that I could guess out the reveal early on made this movie feel longer than the trip that it chronicles.


  • Good acting by Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Chastain.


  • I knew there was space travel because of the trailer. And the poster. And the name of the movie. Then Murphy mentions a ghost. If you already got to the same conclusion I did from that, you have made the same guess I did.
  • Yes, I guessed what the hand was too.
  • When Matt Damon appears as Dr. Mann, I already guessed what kind of character he was going to be and what he was going to do.
  • It was really hard to take the gumby-like Rubik’s cube robots seriously. Sorry.
  • The Ranger needs multiple-stage rockets to leave the Earth’s gravity to join the Endurance. Then, on a planet that has a stronger gravity than the Earth, it just easily leaves it by itself.
  • I understand relativity, but even if I accept time is elongated in a particular planet that doesn’t mean you appear years after and only a few minutes have passed since the last explorer landed years ago. Those years have to be elongated too, even if “nothing happens” during them.

That will do for now.

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(Sources: Paramount Pictures)