(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)
(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)

Spoilers, duh!

We’re finally back where we left Oliver in Arrow 3×16: The Offer. Let me say it right out, I didn’t care for the flashbacks at all. There’s only one thing to mention and I’ll leave it for the High/Low points at the end. The main storyline was basically a thread of finding the bad guy of the week and taking him out. The juicy stuff came with the little side stories that happen in between.

We have one new bad guy whose mouth is sewn shut, called Murmur. He will be in police custody by the end of the episode so that plot is completely by the numbers. The big story arc is still Oliver taking a long time to answer Ra’s Al Ghul offer to become the next Ra’s. We’re even given a reason for it: the Lazarus Pit is not recharging Ra’s as well anymore. The battery level doesn’t go all the way up to 100% anymore.

Of course, it’s Olivier so he has to brood about it. What’s more, it seems to run in the family as Thea is brooding about having her father back. Laurel is also in inner conflict about her Dad and even Nyssa gets into the act. It’s the episode where everyone needs therapy. Felicity is the only happy camper of the bunch, but she’s not quit Team Arrow at all (thank heavens) and she’s still helping out.

Nyssa is not happy with Ra’s giving away what she considers her legacy. Due to that, Ra’s basically tells her to leave the League. Her choice is to show up again at Starling City because at this point everyone’s racked up so many air miles traveling to Nanda Parbat and back again in just a matter of minutes that they can basically travel for free. On a more serious note, she never kills Thea and by the end of this episode she’s actually befriending Laurel Lance. Bonus, Laurel gets a bad ass trainer.

Captain Quentin Lance turns against the Arrow once more, citing principles and blah blah blah. It’s too bad that Murmur (oh yeah he’s the bad guy this episode, I forgot) has been collecting diamonds to build armor-penetrating bullets to kill the cops that betrayed him. Actually it seems he just decides to kill all the cops just in case, so he attacks the precinct because reasons. Fortunately for the Captain, Team Arrow still has his back even if he doesn’t like it.

Oliver turns down the offer. Shocker. We all knew it, and we know there’s going to be consequences because that’s why powerful bad guys that lead evil organizations do. Threaten you with consequences. The whole offer thing has so far just been a time out from the Queens getting killed by the League. Now they will really be killed by the League. So there. We’re basically back at the same threat from the beginning of the season.

Overall I wasn’t too thrilled this week.


  • There’s a small happy moment when Oliver tells Felicity he’s rediscovered the reason why he takes on crime. Felicity seems on the verge of happy tears when she tells him she’s happy to have him on his life.
  • The Laurel and Nyssa’s Sisterhood Whose Fathers Have Dumped Them. I would include Thea but she’s on the opposite spectrum.
  • The part where Barry reveals his identity to- oops, wait. Wrong show. As you were.
  • Thea and Roy get together again.


  • Too much brooding. Seriously, it’s overkill. Not one zinger from Felicity worth mentioning to light up this batcave. It’s not going to get better, I’m afraid. Perhaps the Atom will change things.
  • It’s unrealistic to have Quentin turn on his daughter. Ra’s has a completely different set of values, but I don’t see a father turning on the only daughter and family he has left. Poor Laurel, she has to be close to a breaking point here.
  • I had zero interest in the flashbacks of Oliver running around with the kid. The only interesting point, which is a bit of a cliffhanger is he runs into someone else who’s supposed to be dead at this point. Does it really make sense?

That will do for now.

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