(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)
(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)

Some Serious Spoilers ahead.

This week’s The Flash 1×11: The Sound and the Fury once again reminds us why Tom Cavanaugh’s performance as Dr. Harrison Wells is so good. He’s the ultimate ambiguous super genius, a man destined to become an iconic Steve Jobs type technological messiah and a supervillain at the same time.  Drop by drop we’re realizing now that he’s also a super-speedster. He’s dealing with malfunctioning powers.

My theory behind Harrison is that he’s actually the future version of the Reverse Flash and he’s in the present time twice – once as his present, functional, more reckless self and once as Harrison Wells, time traveler from the future, stuck in our time because his powers are failing. We get to see him speed up in this episode several times and also see his powers fail after a very short time.

Hartley Rathaway plays the baddie of the week. His background as Dr. Wells’ prodigal son and his estranged relationship with his parents for coming out seem to cement him as a more complex character but his motivation in this episode is one dimensional revenge. He’s there to shed some light on Wells, but hardly does he seem like a threat on his own. Eventually he causes Dr. Wells to confess in a press conference that he had previous knowledge of the possibility that his particle accelerator might fail.

As a result, Wells loses the respect and trust from Caitlin and Cisco, although Barry seems a little more open to talking to him. This spirit of sacrifice reinforces the idea that he’s not quite the same person that killed Barry’s mother. Harley might still have a card to play as he seems to know more about Dr. Wells than anybody else and might even know a few things about Ronnie aka Firestorm.

Good episode, although the bad guy was again not the center of the story. That is not necessarily a bad thing.


  • Dr. Harrison Wells. The character is the most complex one in the series, being played as both a mentor and a secret possible criminal mastermind.
  • Cisco and Caitlin have their moments, as well as Barry.
  • Joe is finally starting to look into Dr. Wells’ past, enlisting Eddy along for the ride.
  • Iris becomes a reporter, but it looks like she’ll have to survive not being taking seriously first. That’s a good thing, she should grow into that role rather than automatically become Lois Lane. Actually, she should NOT become Lois Lane at all and be her own self.


  • The Pied Piper seemed like he could’ve been a more interesting character. More than any other villain, I would have expected Hartley to go after Dr. Wells rather than corner a bunch of people in their cars. Not a thrilling finale here.
  • I’m really trying to like Iris but she still seems too young to be dating or even moving in with Eddie. That’s because she and Barry still have that teenager vibe to them. Even worse as the cub reporter at the newspaper.

That will do for now.

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