(Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)
(Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)

Spoilers will be unleashed.

Show of hands, who wants Oliver to get into a supersonic jet and fly back to Starling City. I thought so. But, he needs to heal so we know this is not a matter of him just showing up. The emerald archer is still on recovery under Tatsu and Maseo’s watchful eyes. He’ll need them. The league finds the cabin and promptly a fight breaks out.

Meanwhile, Starling City is far from a safe haven. Brick is up to no good and kidnaps the alderman of the city. Laurel needs a lightning course in crimefighting. She almost gets her ass handed to her, and Roy needs to work double time to keep both her and himself safe. During a failed attempt at rescuing the hostages, Roy manages to sink one of his arrows on Brick, infuriating him enough that he murders one leaving the would-be superheroes with a guilty conscience.

And speaking about guilty consciences, I may think that Laurel is not ready to be the Canary but that doesn’t mean I don’t empathize with the poor Assistant D.A. She’s ready to have a meltdown as Quentin Lance talks about Sara being back. In a scene that really tugs at the heartstrings, she even has to impersonate her sister just to try to get some intel from his dad.

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

Felicity Smoak (see I’m learning how to spell her last name now) is still the character to watch in this series. She’s trying to keep Ray Palmer off the superhero life, but at the same time she finds herself irrevocably drawn back to her computer console knowing there’s absolutely nothing but Team Arrow between the innocent and the criminal masterminds. As she returns to her computer console to once again become the Oracle of this team, she eventually also comes around to helping Ray and his ATOM project with a new chip.

With all these emotions running high, the only other storyline is Thea and Malcolm Merlyn. After a series of back and forth where Malcolm keeps trying to get Thea to pack up and leave, she eventually convinces him to stay and stand their ground. It would’ve been a different story if Malcolm would have told her about Olivier getting slashed up by Ra’s Al Ghul.

And speaking of Ollie, we still get the past storyline to see Maseo attempt to trade the serum for the life of Tatsu with China White. However, it seems Waller has anticipated his move and has already switched it with a fake. Of course, the order to kill all three doesn’t really work as Maseo, Oliver and Katana (ok, Tatsu is not Katana yet but soon enough) break out of the club with relative ease.

Things are not that easy in the present. Maseo is committed to be the League of Assassins’ Sarab and he promptly leaves Olivier in the care of Tatsu. He also receives a phone call from Thea’s DJ and a possible love interest to learn that Malcolm Merlyn is not leaving Starling City.

Good episode, creating more and more anticipation for Olivier’s return.


  • Team Arrow reunites somehow. Laurel is not Canary yet, but she’s paying her emotional dues to get there while getting her ass kicked.
  • Roy is pulling his own weight here and Laurel’s at the start. At the beginning of the episode, he needs to save the new Canary. By the end, Laurel manages to save her hide by herself and by sheer luck and determination.
  • Maseo and Tatsu’s story is heartbreaking. It’s always in the background while Olivier takes precedence. I really fear for the destiny of their kid as well for Maseo’s life. Then again, this storyline doesn’t have to match the comics.


  • Someone needs to train Laurel. Perhaps Nyssa. I would even settle for Malcolm. Heck even Thea could teach her a few things. Just having her going out to fight is not going to be enough.
  • Something has to happen with Roy Palmer soon, but the timing is not right for him to shine just yet.
  • How much episodes are we going to have until Olivier is back in Starling City? Actually scratch that and watch the clip below.

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That will do for now.

(Source: The CW)