(Source: FOX Networks)
(Source: FOX Networks)

Sp- actually, not much spoilers. Watch the episode first, anyways.

I would like to reiterate that these are not recaps anymore, but rather rant- I mean, commentary. It’s not like there’s much to recap on Gotham 1×13: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon. This is not a procedural anymore, it’s just a scene after another attempting to look cool.

Jim is back in the police station, something that we already got last week. He’s not laying low, and I do want him to be smart and reckless at the same time. What he seems to be doing is swinging wildly. Did anybody else even doubted that the only honest witness they found was going to get killed the minute he came forward? This incarnation of Gordon is light years away from the quiet but strict Commissioner of the comics. Jim is still acting like a boy scout. Eventually he decides to break rules and do something even more stupid.

Not far away, Fish Mooney is getting tortured or about to be tortured or very close to be tortured but not quite yet. As we come close to seeing Fish in a real bind, she is rescued by Butch – her only remaining faithful and alive henchman. Of course the first question that comes up is how exactly did Butch made it out when they were all cornered by Falcone, but who cares about the details?

As it turns out, we do because explanations seem to be thin in this series. Fish will free herself in time to ruin Penguin’s fun. That will also be short-lived as Victor Zsasz shows up with the Bratz cosplayers in tow. Then they shoot at Butch and Fish without taking cover. And then- oh crap, forget it.

Where did we end this week? Fish apparently leaves Gotham for a bit. Gordon catches a corrupt cop among corrupt cops making me think if it’s not easier for him to discover who the good cops are because that seems like A MUCH SHORTER LIST. He also seems to regret the means he used to discover the whole thing when the cop that squaled comes back begging for the life of his family. Bruce gets disappointed by Selina.

Overall, very little progress except for Fish’s exile.


  • I guess Gordon using illegal means to accomplish something good ends up with consequences when he realizes he put Delaware’s family in danger. I had to dig deep for this one because even that reasoning has plot holes all over it.
  • Some resolution for Fish Mooney. I’m not sure if that means we won’t see her for a while. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.


Where is the series going with….

  • … Gordon? Is he supposed to take the law in his own hands? Become like the rest? Stay a boy scout? Are we even taking him somewhere in this hero’s journey? Is he supposed to be learning something?
  • … Penguin? Is he going to become a little more wised up? If so, who is his competition if Mooney is out of the picture?
  • … Barbara? The character was absent this week. She might as well have been absent most of the series because it doesn’t seem like the series knows what to do with her, or even worse – if there’s anything for her to do at all.
  • .. Bruce/Selina? Seems like these two need some to have some independent storylines for a while. A long while. Chances are they will have more awkward encounters instead.
  • … the plot? No, really. Are we going somewhere? Will we see a super villain emerge at some point? Or are we just stuck in the same vicious cycles over and over again?

That will do for now.

(Source: FOX Networks)