(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

Spoilers will fly ahead.

It’s been long overdue. I’ve been dying to write about Arrow for a while now. The series has become a sure fire DC Comics hit, in a way that Gotham has yet to reach. The mid-season finale for season 3 had Oliver Queen going against Ra’s Al Ghul and seemingly perish.

It is fitting that in this episode, we see Diggle, Roy and Felicity operating on their own. The three are not aware of what has become of Ollie, but they most certainly know the fate of those who face the leader of the League of Assassins. Crime has not stopped in Starling City. Brick (Vinnie Jones) a brutal and charismatic hoodlum is rising through the criminal ranks.

On the other side of the spectrum, Ray Palmer intends to take on organized crime as he’s already testing pieces for his armor that should eventually lead him to becoming The Atom. This is putting poor Felicity in a quandary, as she sees another friend putting himself on the line.

Malcolm Merlyn is still around and still seems to be looking out for Thea. Because of her, he approaches Team Arrow to start his own investigation on Ollie’s disappearance which ends with him finding Ra’s sword next to the edge of the cliff where Oliver fell. Malcolm returns to inform the reluctant members of Team Arrow of the death of their leader. Cue Felicity facing Malcolm and welcoming the news that the consequence marks Malcolm to die as well.

We still get a glimpse at Oliver’s past as he embarks on a mission for Amanda Waller along with Maseo Yamashiro, who’s still reeling from the kidnapping of his wife, Tatsu. In the past, Oliver and Maseo are successful in their mission except Oliver leaves one of the members of the opposition to escape. This is not good news for Waller, but as it turns out Ollie wants to track this guy down to recover Tatsu. This favor to Maseo is instrumental later on.

As we wrap up, Felicity leaves Team Arrow but apparently is still onboard to help Ray Palmer. Malcolm informs Thea that they have to leave town. Brick is using case files to “motivate” his muscle as he aims to takeover the Glades. Two of his henchman are attacked with sonic bombs as Laurel dons the guise of the Canary. In the present, Maseo has managed to retrieve Oliver’s body and we get to see him breathe again as Tatsu appears, alive, seemingly having healed him back.

Great episode, with more questions than answers and setting things in motion.


  • Felicity Smoak confronting Merlyn and blaming him fair and square for forcing Oliver to go head to head with Ra. Also when Merlyn appears a second time, her “we should change the locks” comment.
  • The complex characters of Amanda Waller and Maseo Yamashiro, each with their own agendas.
  • Malcolm Merlyn’s secret motives but still moved to loyalty for Oliver, albeit for Thea’s sake. He’s still using her, but in his mind that’s what he does with everybody anyway.
  • You can literally feel the void in leadership left behind by Oliver.
  • Laurel Lance taking the mantle of the Canary for the first time.
  • Brick being a charismatic crime lord with his own code of honor, letting himself be challenged.


  • Brick from the comics has a strong level of invulnerability, but I was expecting something of an explanation as to why. Did I miss the part where he explains why he is unfazed when bullets barely hurt him?
  • Ray Palmer as the future Atom. I want to like him. He doesn’t know about Oliver, but still it’s hard to like him when he’s making jokes around poor grieving Felicity. The atmosphere will lighten considerably when Ollie resurfaces.
  • We all expected Laurel to don the domino mask, but being a policeman’s daughter doesn’t automatically make her an equal to her sister Sarah who trained years in the League of Assassins. Laurel needs more than a few weeks of boxing before she can really take on perps on her own. I will believe Thea can hold her own more than Laurel at this point.

That will be all for now.

(Source: The CW)