(Source: AMC)
(Source: AMC)

Spoiler. Ok, spoilers plural –  but still very few.

The Walking Dead 5×07: Crossed is a build up for the finale. A build up that goes slow enough that turns into a crawl. To be perfectly honest, if I have to recap this episode I’d probably say that the rescue group arrives on the city of Atlanta and runs into the cops.

Strangely enough, this is an all encompassing episode in which we find out what happened after Eugene comes clean. A whole lot of nothing. They start scavenging while Abraham is still in shock. Tara plays with a yoyo. That kind of sums up what this group does.

The church choir has more stuff to do. They barricade the church, the rescue group of Rick, Daryl, Tyreese, Sasha and Noah arm themselves and head to Atlanta. The church choir consisting of Michonne, Carl, baby Judith and Father Gabriel stay at the church. Carl will try to teach the reluctant clergyman to fight. Father Gabriel will accept a machete just to use it as a shovel for the most stupid of pet projects: an escape tunnel. He even steps on a nail coming out. Dead man walking also runs into a zombie that he’s unable to completely finish off because she’s carrying a crucifix on her neck.

The rescue group has strange luck. First they decide to grab a couple of cops to use for a hostage exchange. Wait, this is a joke right… We’re not doing that for real. Oh, we are. Ok. Wait, when has that EVER worked on this show? It’s messy and we meet some pink zombies – the rotters. Fancy new walker terminology here. Also, Daryl is good at improvising in the worst way possible. Anybody else would’ve been bitten for sure.

We do get a couple of scenes of Beth, keeping Carol alive. She even gets some strange assistance from Dawn herself. That was interesting. That makes Dawn a more complex character than what I gave her credit for, which was one of the few things that surprised me in this episode.

The whole ending with one of the more eloquent captured cops getting the jump on Sasha, was hardly a surprise. Oh yes, that was the only spoiler this week. Sorry.

All in all, very uneventful episode that only sets things up for the finale. Hope it’s worth it, because this episode had very little to show for it. Don’t get up Eugene, nothing really happened.


  • Oh boy, this one is going to be hard. Let’s go with Dawn and Beth. I wouldn’t even be surprised that Beth in the end may let Dawn live.
  • Daryl is still a badass and uses everything at hand to get ahead. Get it? Unfortunately, not much highs this week. Slim pickings at best.


  • There’s slow build and then there’s no build at all. We get nothing done, just setting people in position. I fear that even with a good solid mid-season finale, we’ve slowed down to a stop.
  • I fear we’re going for a finale with an unconscious Carol. With Michonne absent, that means only Daryl as the major badass. I don’t like the odds, but I guess we’re doing this on purpose. Still don’t like it.
  • Worst plan in history keeps repeating itself. Hostages, right? Because that works with all the level-headed characters running around with guns in this show. No, it doesn’t!
  • Is there a reason we keep focusing on Father Gabriel? Is he somehow going to become more instrumental to the plot or we’re just stringing him along so he can really mess up things for everyone in the future?

That will do for now.

(Source: AMC)