(Photo: Jessica Miglio/FOX Networks)
(Photo: Jessica Miglio/FOX Networks)


Gotham 1×09: Harvey Dent follows the all too familiar pattern of hammering in the clues to who is who. The future district attorney with the most extreme identity crisis issues shows up in the show ready for his close up. He’s already known for flickering his lucky coin around.

Gordon decides to hide his star witness along with his star victim. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle finally and formally meet. Yes, it takes no time for the young master Wayne to be smitten with the street urchin but really, let them be kids a while longer? Alas, we have to start foreshadowing stuff already because we’re not sure that the audience gets that these two will be an item someday.

Meanwhile, we get the baddie of the week and as it turns out, there’s a twist. A welcome one, actually. Ian Hargrove is an almost unnaturally talented bombmaker… but not a mean soul. He’s more than willing to get the police after his trail. The russians who have captured him are forcing him to make bombs for them. I mean, I guess they are threatening him through his brother… but it gets dull to have finish the plot points for a show that doesn’t bother to explain them.

Gordon and Bullock are on the case once again but this time they’ve got the help of Harvey Dent. This is where the ages game is a little off. Harvey Dent can’t be a district attorney yet. Then again, I do give the show the benefit of the doubt in being its own universe. Or I would if the wink wink nudge nudge game wouldn’t be so darn obvious about clues for the future. The coin flipping is a little too much. Dent is also obsessed with nailing Dick Lovecraft (that’s his name, honest) and wants to stir the pot by making him believe the witness can tie him to the murder. Dent is already off his rocker as he turns incredibly hostile towards his intended target in the blink of an eye (or the flip of a – great, now I’m doing it).

The case once again takes a back seat to the drama going on at Wayne Manor, but actually the ending is half decent. As we’ve seen, Penguin is on to Liza and Mooney and ready to extort himself some payback. Mooney ends up being behind the bombing plot which has incidentally hurt some of Falcone’s businesses. Poor Hargrave ends up in Arkham Asylum as the Mayor decides to reopen it for the criminally insane.

The show is still a mixed bag. We also get a cliffhanger with Barbara Kean and Renee Montoya. So, aside from always seeming to be ready for bed, who is Barbara Kean? Why did she leave Gordon out of the blue and suddenly hooks up with Reene? Can we give Barbara some direction please?


  • Bruce and Alfred’s dynamic is starting to bloom into familiar territory.
  • Fish Mooney actually has a plan that makes sense this time.
  • Penguin is slowly but surely playing at the same level than Mooney.
  • Bruce and Selina meet for the first time. It’s a strangely flirty first meet. Still adorable but…


  • … but we really should let the kids be kids a little longer? And not hammer the point that these two will have a complicated relationship? Guess not.
  • Harvey Dent is supposed to be a boy scout. Instead he comes off as over the top and after that particular threatening scene, unbalanced. I did like him in that scene but he still seems unbalanced when he’s “normal”. Can we dial back his intensity a few notches?
  • Gordon and Harvey do detective stuff and blah, blah why does the cases comes off as dull so often?
  • The Major, Captain Essen, everyone else that is a police officer… They seem to repeat the same lines each week.
  • Can we please develop one template for the character of Barbara Kean and stick with it? Does every scene for Barbara is in bed, out of bed or ready to go to bed?

That will do for now.

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