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(Source: AMC)


I’ve been trying to decide whether The Walking Dead 5×06: Consumed is referring to the abandoned city of Atlanta or to the broken personalities of our two anti-heros. It’s neither. Apparently it’s a comment from Carol about the world consuming you. We get our favorite pair of badasses this week. It’s Carol and Daryl out for a ride and in hot pursuit of our kidnappers in uniform.

That being said, it’s once again another slow build of a ride as we get to see them scavenge their way into the city. The fact that they ride back into the same highway that Rick once rode into with that poor horse give me chills. I really don’t want them going back into the same hellhole they once left. Bonus, I spotted that damn abandoned tank all the way back from season one.

By the way of character development we see flashbacks of Carol, starting from when she was banished by Rick and all the way through her digging graves for those little kids. She’s come a long way. It’s refreshing to see Carol and Daryl work, they have no issues with each other. Perhaps that trust is the reason for their over confidence.

I knew the moment that they went past that chained door that was going to be an issue coming back. Specially since both times they choose to put their weapons first. As they come back, Noah the orderly makes his reappearance and steals the weapon away from them, leaving them to die. It’s interesting that it’s Daryl stopping Carol from putting a bullet in his back.

Not to worry, there was no way that Noah wasn’t going to get cornered. As they run into each other, Daryl leaves his sorry behind underneath a bookcase waiting for a zombie hickey. Only at Carol’s insistence does he actually comes back to save the kid. Fortunately after a few words, they discover Noah knows where Beth is. Unfortunately, we know what the conclusion is going to be.

In a scramble to get away from the hospital-cops, Carol ends up getting run over by their car. I get why it has to be Carol. I get that she might not look dangerous at first sight. We already knew she was the one going into the hospital. If they had run over Daryl he’d be shot and they’d move on. Still, I really hope this doesn’t turn into a damsel in distress scenario. There are two episodes left. Saving Nurse Beth is seemingly going down as the boss mission in this level.


  • Daryl. Carol. Even on a slow first half, it’s still a much cooler half with them in it. The relationship between them both is one of trust regardless of what they’ve done.
  • Noah got the drop on Carol and Daryl may not sound like a high, but it’s a necessary emphasis on our two anti-heroes not being invincible. Yes, they can and they do kick ass but the reason for the slow build up was to get everyone a little too comfortable, including them. You couldn’t have them both on high alert at the moment that Noah tried something. He’d end up with an arrow in the chest and a knife to the face.
  • I did like the character development on Carol using flashbacks and just little hints. Daryl hammers the point when he finds a book on child abuse at a place that Carol used to go when she was a kid. Remember that most of the original group had escaped Atlanta when Rick showed up back in season one.
  • It was pretty cool to recognize the highway and the abandoned tank from way back in the first episodes of the first season.


  • I’m all for slow builds, but if it wasn’t for Carol’s flashbacks I’d thought this episode was nothing but scavenging. Still, scavenging was the entire first half of the show.
  • Carol better heal back fast and take out this would-be cop posse. I really don’t want her to be in bed for the rest of the season just being rescued. Beth needs to step up in a big way before the finale’s end credits roll.
  • Literally this episode could have been condensed into a few minutes. Hoping for some action packed episodes soon.

That will do for now.

(Source: AMC)