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Gotham 1×10: Lovecraft is ridiculously titled. If this episode showcased any character, it was that of Alfred Pennyworth. The bad news is that this reinforces my idea that if the show is heading towards a particular season finale, it really seems unsure on how to get there. The good news is that I really enjoyed this episode but I know in the long run these stories should be an exception to the rule.

What made this episode entertaining to watch is that rather than focus on it’s weaker leads, it brought secondary characters Alfred, Bruce and Selina up to the spotlight and let them take over the show. Alfred proved himself a competent and skilled fighter both armed and unarmed. That might not be an accident, and I’d really like the show to explore why one day. However, it doesn’t help Gordon and Bullock who are supposed to be the protagonists.

Coming back to this episode, what transpires is that someone has called a hit on Bruce and/or Selina. Are we seeing the League of Assassins in the picture? It’s never quite explained who exactly they are, but Gordon and Dent are lightning quick to assume it’s Lovecraft. Really? Last person that came to mind for me.

Anyhow, the lead assassin could be a blueprint for a lot of DC characters, including both Tasha and Selina. Her name is never quite revealed, or if someone says it I missed it, but FOX has stated she is Copperhead. I guess you could also tell by her finishing move, only employed a couple of times. She also seems to kill whenever she feels like it and other times she just leaves her victim alive when the name is not “in the contract”. I’m pretty sure that poor gardener was not in anybody’s list. Make it consistent, that’s all I’m saying.

Bruce and Selina are on the run, hiding in Gotham’s underbelly. There’s a scene worth mentioning in which Selina jumps across rooftops, trying to ditch Bruce. The fact that he jumps across, barely making it and having to helped by Selina, still was a bit of a Batman moment. That’s precisely what the show should be really careful not to repeat too much. Still, it was cool to watch.

Alfred meanwhile effectively becomes Bullock’s partner and proves to be quite effective either at bribing a suspect or at smooth talking Fish Mooney into helping them out. He also has no problem shooting which makes me wonder, hey GCPD… even if Alfred has a permit for that gun, should he be allowed to shoot at people? I don’t think we’re deputizing civilians, are we? Again, still makes Alfred no less cool, but someone needs to revise Gotham’s gun-carrying laws.

The problem is that Gordon is basically the slow point here. We’re all waiting for him to get to Lovecraft which I still don’t get why he’s in the title. With little to no surprise we learn what we already knew – he wasn’t behind the hitmen and hitwoman. Also, he dies. Single gunshot with Gordon’s gun. Naturally, the Mayor decides to pin his murder on Gordon. Wait… he doesn’t. Instead we get the most convoluted and irrational plot development as the Mayor decides to cover the murder of Lovecraft as a suicide motivated by Gordon’s harassment. WTF?

Gordon gets sent to be a security guard in Arkham Asylum because… wait, this is not making sense. Is Gordon still a cop? Does Arkham have police detail? Why if Lovecraft was murdered by Gordon’s gun wasn’t he arrested, doesn’t everyone hate Gordon? Wouldn’t this be the perfect chance of getting rid of him?

Bruce gets a better finale. He gets spared by Copperhead and gets reunited with Alfred. He even gets a kiss from Selina and his father’s watch back. Gordon better watch out, because if the trend continues, he’s going to get first billing in the credits as well.


  • Alfred Pennyworth seems to be better at being Bullock’s partner than Gordon is. Actually, he’s a far more intriguing character than they both are.
  • Bruce and Selina easily steal the screen. Yes, they are messed up and interesting, but this is a high and a low. There’s a danger of overexposure here.
  • That being said, that rooftop jump… Yeah, I felt like a Batman fanboy all over again.
  • Ivy makes a cameo once again, but at least she wasn’t holding a plant.
  • Penguin’s dynamic with Falcone is changing, but Penguin is being a little more careful these days.


  • Do not overuse Bruce and Alfred! Yes, it’s an interesting dynamic and it would be really easy to turn this into Batman Junior. Still, I can’t deny it was entertaining.
  • Penguin doesn’t expose Liza to Falcone because reasons. We know they’re trying to keep that tension up a little longer.
  • Gordon really needs to wise up. This is the future Commissioner Gordon. At some point he needs to start making better decisions and earning some respect.
  • Why, if Gordon is hated by the Mayor and most of the police force, is he not pinned with Lovecraft’s murder? I did not buy that story one bit.

That will do for now.

(Source: FOX Networks)