(Source: AMC)
(Source: AMC)

Spoilers will be consumed.

The Walking Dead 5×03: Four Walls and a Roof is an indication that a church is hardly good protection against walkers – or Terminus for that matter.

We start where we left off, with Bob watching the Terminus gourmets eating up his leg. He seems to lose it for a minute just to start laughing maniacally at them. If it wasn’t clear in the last episode with all his skulking about after the supply run, Bob has been hiding something. As it turns out, he was bitten and chose to hide it. Gareth and his team’s bravado is shaken as Bob screams, “tainted meat!”

Terminus conveniently drops off a soon-to-be-walker Bob right in front of the church. Why exactly, I’m not sure. Perhaps Gareth somehow guessed some people would try leaving knowing what they’re up against. Abraham tries to do exactly that, still with the mindset of getting to Washington DC. Rick and Abraham almost come to blows over who gets the bus, but Glenn stops them. The end result is that Tara, Glenn and Maggie choose to go with Abraham if he chooses to wait half a day. Rick would rather wait on Daryl and Carol.

Rick has a plan we don’t get to hear, but Abraham comments “it has stones.” It’s really the old bait and switch. Rick and co. depart for parts unknown and Terminus comes knocking down the door.

But as it happens, Rick comes up from behind and catches Terminus easily in the middle of the church. Rick is not playing games here, he takes a machete and goes to town on Gareth while Abraham and Sasha follow suit with the other two left standing. I keep wondering who was the sniper that took out the first Terminus goons, Rosita?

Best part of the show for me is when Michonne is looking at something one of goons dropped and then kneels to retrieve her sword. The samurai has returned.

Abraham leaves for DC along with Rosita, Eugene, Glenn, Maggie and Tara. Later on, Michonne hears a noise and finds Daryl with a strange look on his face. When she asks her about Carol, he turns around to the bushes and tells someone to come out. Fade to black.

Good overall but it could’ve been edited to last half the time. We seem to be dragging a little.


  • Yes, I’m shallow – Michonne has her sword back.
  • Bob gets the last laugh – literally – from the Terminus group.
  • Terminus is exterminated. Yes, it’s a walker-run world, we can’t put Gareth in a cage.
  • Good-bye Bob, we hardly knew ye.
  • Tyreese is going through some stuff, but if it’s character building we need more that short talks with Rick.
  • Cliffhanger ending, and I don’t think it’s Carol coming out from the bushes. Beth? Or someone else?


  • I guess now we call it quits with Terminus. The fact that three episodes in the main threat is done. Of course this could change and another Terminus group would show up, but without Gareth I hardly consider it worthwhile.
  • It’s the ending of Terminus and for a long drawn out confrontation it ends quickly. Makes me think this episode could’ve been a lot shorter. It’s bad when you have to wait for the plot to catch up.
  • We’re splitting up? We just found each other and now you want to split up? But yes, we know have two teams: Rick’s and Abraham’s. Potentially they’ll run into each other again.

That will do for now.

(Source: AMC)