(Photo: Jessica Miglio/FOX Networks)
(Photo: Jessica Miglio/FOX Networks)

Spoilers might fly through the window at any moment.

This week’s Gotham 1×06: Spirit of the Goat casts some light into the murky past of Harvey Bullock. In doing so, the show progresses further. This week, we don’t get to see what everyone is up to. No gangster sequences. Fish and Falcone take a breather and Bullock becomes something closer to a well rounded character.

We are introduced to Bullock’s former partner, Dix, who taught him Gotham’s golden rule: no heroes. Ten years ago, Bullock and Dix busted a demented man that called himself “the spirit of the Goat”. In doing so, Dix fell through a trapdoor and broke his legs. Now Bullock pays for his care in a nursing home.

But it so happens that the Goat is back… or is it just a copycat killer? The Goat used to kill Gotham’s richest young socialites. When bodies start appearing, Bullock recognizes details of the murder scene that nobody else would know.

Gordon has his own problems. Barbara and the detective are trying to patch things up, but Jim still resists telling her anything that will put her in danger. The MCU is not going easy on him either. Montoya and Allen are literally grasping at straws and their big break is one quirky witness that lives by the river (presumably in a van).

Oswald Cobblepot finally visits his dear old mother. It’s eerie and altogether cooky and I almost expected someone snapping their fingers in the background (old school Addams Family reference). Carol Kane is just all over the place but that’s what the character calls for and she excels at it. Overdone might just be as motherly as it gets.

Bullock and Gordon finally race to the scene of the possible crime to stop the latest Goat. This is where Bullock notes the same quirky nervous tic that afflicted Robert Hastings, the father of the first victim. As Bullock finally deduces the hypnotherapist did it, the culprit uses a codeword to unleash Hastings on him. Bullock manages to wrestle away and in the blink of an eye does something brash: he shoots the fleeting killer on the leg. I really cheered for him then.

Barbara knows all about Montoya’s intention to arrest Jim, and in a moment of panic she tries to get him to run away with her. The boy scout will have nothing to do with that and faces the music. Gordon is arrested and taken to the police station, where all hell is about to break loose. The moment gets even snappier when Oswald Cobblepot himself appears. Bullock’s reaction is to yell, “you son of a bitch!” to Gordon as they’re both in handcuffs.


  • Bullock becomes a three dimensional character with a past.
  • Jim Gordon finally faces the music. The MCU closes on him. Luckily enough, the cliffhanger already implies this won’t last long.
  • Oswald Cobblepot visits mom. Not much is said, but it’s a visual stand out scene.
  • We get a break from mob city and let Gordon and Bullock run things a little more.


  • MCU’s Montoya and Allen based their airtight case on hearsay from a mobster and the delusions of a river rat bum.
  • Ed Nygma weirds out Kristin Kringle at the record annex. He has a fake “nice guy” moment where he decides to overrule her judgement and reorganize the records. Respect the girl, Ed.
  • Barbara Kean learns that the MCU is going to arrest Gordon from Montoya and packs her matching luggage to run away. Barbara, you have money. This would’ve been the time for you to lawyer up to the rafters.
  • We see Selina sneaking into Wayne Manor and steal some trinket while Bruce sleeps. Because we want to remind the audience that these two will be linked together in the future.
  • Ed holding his interrogation mug. Can we please stop beating the clues into the scene?

That will do for now.

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