Series Issues: Doctor Who 8×11 – Dark Waters

(Source: BBC)

(Source: BBC)


We’re approaching the season finale with Doctor Who 8×11: Dark Waters. We’ve been seeing hints of Missy being the one behind the curtains, moving strings. In this episode, Clara has decided to come clean and tell Danny about her own issues, but first of all she declares her love for him right as he’s about to cross the street. Talk about bad timing.

Let’s not dance around it, Danny Pink bites the bullet. Shaken to her very core, Clara calls the Doctor. Sneaking around the TARDIS, she steals all seven keys and grabs a device that is supposed to induce the dream state. The result is that the Doctor wakes up to find himself out of the TARDIS and with Clara threatening to throw the keys into a volcano if he refuses to help her bring Danny back from the dead.

But the Doctor refuses, and Clara ends up throwing key after key and finally all but one are doomed. The Doctor’s last negative to her makes her throw the last key in… to find this has all been a ruse. Leave it to the old Timelord to have a few tricks up his sleeve. I won’t tell you how exactly it goes down, but the Doctor never lost the upper hand. What happens next, is the Doctor actually agreeing to help Clara get Danny back… because betrayal stays among friends.

(Source: BBC)

(Source: BBC)

The Doctor hooks Clara up to the telepathic interface which ends up taking them to a curious mausoleum where skeletons are immersed in water-filled aquariums. Someone has been collecting bodies. Enter Missy, who after an awkward kiss with the Doctor, explains she’s just a robot. Did anybody bought that one for a second? Missy directs them to Doctor Chan, who reveals the skeletons belong to the disease and the water makes everything but biological matter transparent. We keep seeing the logo of the company running this show everywhere, a huge circle with a smaller circle sticking out. It’s a dead giveaway if you remember who has eyes like that.

(Source: BBC)

(Source: BBC)

Meanwhile Danny has appeared in the Nethersphere and is getting show around by Seb, who we’ve seen before helping Missy process the recently departed. Seb informs him that he’s got a priority request by someone who wants to meet him. Danny is having flashbacks to his days as a soldier. The person meeting him is a young kid that was killed in the crossfire during an attack. Danny tries to talk to him, but he ends up scaring him.

The Doctor and Clara talk to Doctor Chan. The Doctor is not convinced and still believes this is a hoax. Doctor Chan informs them that they have Danny Pink. Clara is left in the office to talk to him as both the Doctor and Chan leave the office. The Doctor asks Clara to remain skeptical and ask Danny something only he would know. Missy seems to have started the process of emptying the tanks. The Doctor is trying to remember something he’s forgotten.

(Source: BBC)

(Source: BBC)

As the water empties, we finally see what the it hid. The skeletons are all inside metal casing. The Cybermen are back, and the 3W company is in the middle of London. The invasion has started.

Danny Pink is seconds away from closing the connection and signing away his body to become a Cyberman.

The Doctor tries to warn people to run, but they seem to be under a spell. The Doctor has recognized Timelord technology, and has noticed that Missy has two hearts. She’s a Timelord… and worse. She’s The Master.


  • The Doctor’s reply when Clara ask why he’s helping her: “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?”
  • Clara’s reply after the Doctor answers in her place: “Speak for me again, I’ll detach something from you.”
  • Missy, revealing herself: “Please, try to keep up.  Short for Mistress.  Well, I couldn’t very well keep calling myself the Master, now could I?”
  • When Missy pretends to be a robot, the Doctor asks her: “Who takes care of you?” She replies, “The doctor.” He ask her, “Doctor who?” Cheesy, but I still found it amusing.
  • Danny is the gentleman in distress! Clara to the rescue. Yes!


  • Missy pretends to be a robot. That should have fooled zero people.
  • I get that Danny was not telling Clara what she needed to hear because he didn’t want her following him to the grave, but still… One little thing back would have sufficed. A little more trust, Mr. Pink.

That will do for now.

(Source: BBC)

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