(Source: AMC)
(Source: AMC)

Spoilers on your six.

The missing Beth reappears in The Walking Dead 5×04: Slabtown. I was looking forward to see if Beth could carry an entire episode by herself. However, I must confess the actual plot felt a little like a side story. There’s one particular scene that could change that, but overall it seemed to drag on a little too long. Nothing to do with Emily Kinney, I think she did a fine job with what she had – I just was hoping for a most interesting plot.

Beth wakes up in a hospital run by one Dr. Edwards under the rule of two police officers named Dawn and Gorman. Dawn is the female police officer in charge, Gorman is the second in command. They both have psychopathic tendencies, and basically every time they rescue someone they have them working for them until they pay “what they are owed.” Other than the doctor and another forced intern named Noah, Beth has little in the name of allies.

The story is Beth having to endure Dawn’s violent outburst and Gorman’s unwanted advances. She gets slapped by Dawn when Dr. Edwards fails to save the life of a man. It turns out he does it intentionally. The good doctor can’t allow Dawn to get her hands on another doctor, otherwise he becomes unnecessary. However he also is the only one to stand up for Beth when she gets cornered by Gorman.

Gorman eventually manages to get Beth alone – or almost alone – when she breaks into Dawn’s office. In there, another patient named Amber has just committed suicide and is about to turn. Things might look grim for Beth but as it happens both problems cancel each other. She manages to knock Gorman over the head and leave him for walker Amber as a snack. Then she takes his gun and along with Noah they made a break for it.

Unfortunately, Beth is caught on her attempts to break free but Noah makes it. As she contemplates her chances, she’s forced to once again help around the hospital. She manages to improvise a weapon and as she’s ready to use it, she sees a familiar face being rolled into the premises. It’s Carol. The odds just turned into Beth’s favor.

It all felt like a side story that I couldn’t quite get into, although Beth was an intriguing character to watch but not much else. Carol’s presence does improve things but it’s literally the cliffhanger for the next episode.


  • Beth is getting good at improvising and being resourceful.
  • Carol might just bring the thunder again and end Beth’s imprisonment. Or the other way around.
  • Splitting everyone into teams might end up being a good thing, a little like last season.


  • Dawn, Gorman and even Doctor Edwards were all a bit on the dull side. I don’t see Dawn becoming the big bad. Then again, we’ll have to see how things go now that Carol is there.
  • The story itself felt a little bland and off subject. I understand we’re trying to expand things into a bigger world but aside from Beth, I couldn’t get into any of the character’s plights.
  • We don’t get to see who Daryl was with in the cliffhanger from last week, and something tells me we won’t know until we’ve gone around the teams again.

That will do for now.

(Source: AMC)