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Things get crazy in Gotham 1×07: Penguin’s Umbrella, but really was it all a plan that came together? Before we get to that, we start with the repercussions of the big reveal from last episode. Cobblepot is alive. That means Gordon must die. Or does it.

Let me say, I really liked this episode – almost in its entirety. There’s a point where the house of cards crumbles. Even then, I was cheering for it. To begin with, Gordon does some crazy shit as he knows himself a marked man. He’s planning to arrest the Mayor and Falcone, and doesn’t mind going out in a blaze of glory. Before he does that, he has to rescue Barbara from Fish Mooney’s goons. The fact that James Gordon is willing to shoot someone at close range and pistol-whip the other one took guts. Jim may have gone off the deep end here.

After putting his girlfriend seemingly out of danger and into a bus, Gordon starts his plan. Bullock is not in and he even points his gun at Jim at some point. Gordon has bigger fish to fry – or that will fry him back. Falcone has sent Victor Zsasz after him. Straight out of the comics, Zsasz is a psychopath that cuts himself everytime he kills someone. He already has 27 scars of the people he has taken out. We see him mark his 28th as he executes a policewoman. Victor manages to shoot Gordon twice before he gets rescued by Montoya and Allen.

I’m not sure why Gordon has to visit Bruce and Alfred at this point. I guess the whole ‘promise’ is a big thing, but in reality is to give him the hero’s farewell. Bruce gives him a hug as Jim lets him know that there’s a chance he won’t make it out of this one.

Meanwhile, the Penguin is busy at work. As Falcone ramps up the pressure against Maroni’s businesses, Oswald suggests one weak point to hit back. Maroni greenlights it and the Penguin manages to get Nikolai, Mooney’s associate, killed. In a swift move, the Penguin also gets rid of Carbone becoming Maroni’s right hand man.

As Jim arms himself for war, it’s time for Bullock to redeem his character. He reappears drunk with a woman under his arm. He’s here to help, which beggars the question why show him as the image of debauchery right before his time to buddy up with Gordon. Doesn’t work for me. Anyhow, Gordon and Bullock basically kidnap the Mayor to get to Falcone.

Which was a dumb move as Gordon learns that Barbara is Carmine Falcone’s prisoner. We’re not sure we believe it until we see her being watched by Zsasz. Here’s where the plot seems to come to a halt. Falcone lets them go. No sense, but there you go. Actually, there’s a little sense in it… but barely.

In the final scenes, we see Falcone being approached by the Penguin. They’ve been in cahoots the whole time. The Penguin convinced Falcone to use Gordon as his executioner because… Oswald thought he could persuade him. Oh, and he was also counting on Jim not killing him. Everything random that happened was anticipated by Oswald Cobblepot. Really? We’re supposed to think everything was foreseen and devised according to a plan?

It’s too bad because with a little more planning that would work. For the most part a likable episode, but the supposed reveal at the end making every random occurrence somehow anticipated by Oswald makes little sense. Makes me think that we don’t have a plan for the series either. That being said, this is one of the most exciting episodes that the first season of the show has seen so far. But if Gotham wants to endure, the writers really have to work more on masterminding plots and schemes.


  • Jim Gordon grows a spine and shoots down people.
  • Oswald Cobblepot becomes the Penguin in this episode, although he regresses to his scared minion mode when confronted by Fish Mooney. He does play each side well enough to mastermind Maroni and take out Carbone.
  • Falcone is still very much in charge and it shows.
  • Montoya and Allen are finally on Gordon’s side.
  • Zsasz’s ringtone is “Funkytown”.


  • Barbara Kean gets captured twice. Really, we’re doing damsel in distress? Let’s aim higher than this.
  • Bullock is all over the place. First he hates Jim enough to point a gun at him then he wants to die with him.
  • Gordon’s plan is to basically annoy the most powerful men in the city, put them in jail and then get killed.
  • The Penguin couldn’t have guessed out the outcome of Gordon being ordered to shoot him, much less could he have convinced Falcone that such random events would happen. Why would Falcone believe all these things would happen? Are we giving Cobblepot psychic powers of divination?

That will do for now.

(Source: FOX Networks)