(Source: BBC)
(Source: BBC)

Spoilers in the mist.

It’s Doctor Who 8x1o: In the Forest of the Night. The first thing that I noticed is that somehow that oncoming confrontation between Clara and Danny regarding her hiding the truth from him never happened. Somehow, that blew over and even during the episode, Clara’s obvious fibbing is only met with Danny rolling his eyes and smirking.

Adventure and all, we’re fine. Drama will come, it seems in the form of the finale.

But let’s not jump ahead. The dilemma this week concerns the sudden appearance of a forest in the middle of the city. Somehow it’s connected to a little girl name Maebh. Yes, I had to look that up. It’s Danny, Clara and a class field trip that turns into a forest hike. Notoriously absent is the Disruptive Influence.

As a solar flare plummets towards Earth, Clara eventually distracts the group and tells the Doctor to take off. This is a different Clara, turned pessimistic and darkly pragmatic. The Doctor eventually figures it out, and brings the entire class to… class. As he explains it all, he also admits he was wrong – a bit of progress.

Missy appears to have been following both the Doctor’s and Clara’s movements and she’s now more enigmatic than ever. Specially if you see the advance preview of the finale coming at you in the next episode with a second part the week after. Expect all of Clara’s uncertainties to be a factor.

Nice and sweet episode, mainly a vehicle for the revelations at the end.


  • The Doctor: “I must be Doctor IDIOT!” That made me laugh out loud.
  • Clara acting pragmatic and coldly lying is not cool, but shows an interesting development into her psyche.
  • Ecologically friendly message


  • A little oversweet on the ecologically friendly message.
  • Not much actually happened, and the solution was pretty much already implemented. The problem then became preventing the solution from being erased.
  • The gimmicky “let’s call everyone in the world” approach.

That will do for now.

(Source: BBC)