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(Source: FOX Networks)


We’re back in the city of dusk on Gotham 1×05: Viper. There’s a new drug out on the streets, and if you know your bat-trivia you know that “Viper” is very closely related to “Venom”, the drug that gives origin to Bane. A musician gets it from a disheveled man with a maimed ear and turns into a super strong freak, spilling out nonsense until he bites the big one in front of Gordon and Bullock.

Our dynamic cop duo are a little more dynamic this week. They actually are more prevalent. Nigma is still a bit of a mystery and that’s even without me making a pun. His Dexter-like personality doesn’t resonate with anybody, which is why he’s left to skulk from the background. The captain is given even less to do, with the usual “what’s going on” and “get on with it” phrases.

I must admit, I got a surprise from Fish Mooney this episode. I didn’t really see where all of her training of her new protege was going to devolve into. Fish is also been extra careful, simulating a rivalry with another of Falcone’s lieutenants for the sake of appearance. Is Carmine buying it? No matter, he does buy into her protege when the girl shows up humming Falcone’s favorite aria, O mio babbino caro. This is Carmine Falcone aka The Roman. Is he that easy to fool? Then again, this is a younger version of himself.

(Source: FOX Networks)
(Source: FOX Networks)

Oswald makes a move. This is a really naive move, where he basically reveals all his cards to Salvatore Maroni. He spills and he spills everything, to the point that Sal brings in Gordon from the friggin’ police station to corroborate what has just being said. Oswald is going to learn he can’t idolize any of the people he works for anymore and plays his cards close to the vest. The Gordon involvement does tie up the storyline together here.

Separate from the rest are Bruce Wayne and Alfred. Bruce has gone into detective mode, checking out all the connections between the Arkham project and the Wayne Foundation. Soon enough, an opportunity arrives for Alfred to take Bruce outside when an invitation arrives for WellZyn, a pharmaceutical company subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. As it happens it’s all tied up, as Gordon talks to an executive of WellZyn to find out there’s a disgruntled employee named Stan fits the description of the man they’re looking for, and he’s handing out Viper.

(Source: FOX Networks)
(Source: FOX Networks)

Gordon discovers the man behind Viper had one known friend, an aging philosophy professor. When interrogated, he reveals that Stan is out there to reveal the fake altruism of the Wayne Foundation. The Venom drug also gets name-dropped as the more evolved version of the drug. Then he takes a vial of Viper and goes berserk. Gordon is forced to put two bullets on him before he takes out Bullock. It’s now a race to the Wayne Foundation’s charity event.

At the event, Bruce is eager to ask questions to one of the WellZyn executives, but finds to his regret that the top brass is not here. No board members. Then Stan cuts in from the roof as he’s about to pump Viper into the ventilation system. Gordon gets there just as the green mist is already coming down. Cue Alfred protecting Bruce and getting him to safety. Meanwhile, Gordon stops the pump with a bullet, but also gets Stan sprayed with the green stuff. Stan blurts out the location of a warehouse before jumping from the roof.


  • Bane’s Venom drug is referenced directly, although we only get Viper – the less successful precursor, it’s still cool.
  • Bullock screaming: “AND WHAT IS ALTRUISM?”
  • Fish Mooney’s plan with her “weapon” finally is set into motion. It actually makes sense, although I can assume this is part of a larger plan.
  • Salvatore Maroni drags Gordon to his presence and Jim keeps his cool. He’s getting a shell that will keep him alive a bit longer, and know his lighter from his darker grays.
  • Bruce and Alfred are slowly getting onto the same page. Bruce flex a little bit of his detective muscle as well.


  • I didn’t quite fall for the trap for Carmine. Is it really that easy to fool him? Is the girl a born actress?
  • Sal Maroni is so close to a stereotypical mob boss that it’s a bit comical. Is he playing a ganster or is he doing an impression? I can’t be sure.

That will do for now.

(Source: FOX Networks)