Boom Boom McCloud

In a time where transportation tycoons control nations, men with nothing to lose are quick to sell their soul to the highest bidder they can find. McCloud was not born a henchman but he was good at beating people to a pulp so he became a boxer. One right and one left from him would knock you flat on your back.

His future seem bright until he became enamored of Christine, a young woman with high ambitions. She convinced McCloud of throwing out a fight… with promises of love. But the girl was already promising herself to aristocratic son of the Celestes family, sponsor of McCloud’s opponent. The future henchman found out… and killed his opponent on the ring. There’s no room in boxing for a murderer, so he was imprisoned.

Building the mini-guns

McCloud would escape of course, only to ally himself with none other than the ruthless Baron Eisengeist. The Baron was not as powerful back then, but his railroads were starting to cover more and more territory. The Celestes competed with him, high up from their airships. Once in a while, one of them would drop just briefly to rain a storm on bullets on one of the Baron’s engines and fly away. The next time that the young aristocratic that had married Christine dropped down its aircraft to assault an engine commandeered by the Baron himself, his luck didn’t hold up. Boom Boom McCloud stepped out of the train, both his arms newly fitted with assault mini-guns, and turned the Celeste’s pride and joy into a ball of fire. Nobody on board the aircraft survived.

McCloud remains the Baron’s most trusted henchman. It’s said even his heart has been replaced with one of the Baron’s steel contraption that runs on vengeance. The Celestes have not forgotten him… but even the bravest still tremble at the name of Boom Boom McCloud.

Obviously, Otakuthon starts tonight and I managed to scramble a costume. Of course, I had to come up with a name and a background story. Just like the costume, it had to be Steampunk 🙂

Stay tuned!