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If you wanted a movie that is laugh-out-loud funny, you should not miss watching A Fantastic Fear of Everything. The entire film depends on Simon Pegg’s character. He delivers with a vengeance.

Simon plays Jack, a writer who has made his career out of writing children’s books but what he really wants to do is write novels. He’s currently working on one that is based on all the old murderers of the Victorian age of London, and the work has taken his toll bringing out an over the top paranoia that is consuming him to the bone. And it’s hilarious.

The movie shows us everything from Jack’s point of view, and soon you’re close to agreeing that the world he inhabites is really out to get him as we go deeper and deeper into his psyche. Simon Pegg plays this one really close to perfection and I have nothing bad to say about this movie except that I’m glad I didn’t see any previews before watching it. I really had only a little clue to what the story is about, but it’s Simon’s performance which really makes this film worth seeing. This one is one you should not miss 🙂

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(Sources: Fantasia Film Festival, A Fantastic Fear of Everything)