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I had high hopes for Arjun The Warrior Prince. Let me state from the start, it’s a great effort. The first anime that I’ve ever seen to come from India, co-produced with Disney, it does show potentially what can be done. This time however, I think it misses the target.

To start Arjun has a strong, mythical story. The Pandavas are heirs to the throne, a family that includes several individuals but regardless who’s on screen, you will hear Arjun’s name being mentioned over and over regardless of the fact that his brother is actually who ends up being the king. The story itself seems to be a bunch of scenes pulled together, with sometimes the transition from one to the other not being clear enough or forced.

The animation however, it’s both very well done and disorganized. In the background, we’ve got CGI imagery. It’s really nice, but apparently to atone for the fact that it’s mostly still, we get long panoramic views and zooms. In the front, we get fluidly animated characters which are really impressive but although the voice acting is good, it doesn’t seem to match. Since the difference between the background and the characters is so obvious, the whole thing plays like… a video game.

I did enjoy the scene of Arjun winning the hand of a princess by catching a goldfish with a bow and arrow. However, it highlights the fact that the movie should be more than a lot of scenes put together, as much as the fact that it has to match and fit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Stay tuned 🙂

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(Source: Fantasia Film Festival)