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Peter Chan is the director behind Dragon (Wu Xia) but it might as well be Donnie Yen’s movie. The action choreography is impressive. That being said, this is also a film with a good story. It all starts with Donnie Yen playing Liu Jinxi, a humble papermaker that at no time seems to give you a hint of what is really happening behind his expression except for the fact that you can suspect that he’s more than what he seems. The action starts as his place of work is attacked by two hoodlums which somehow managed to end up dead. Is Jinxi an accidental hero or a trained killer?

Enter Lu Baiju, the detective sent to investigate the case and a medieval CSI complete with scientific and mystical approach, under the skin takes and deductive reasoning to rival Grissom. His fragile and even spiritually fractured persona becomes at the same time friend and foe to Liu Jinxi. When the truth appears, the detective will have to make some hard choices between the law and friendship with both his past and his suspect’s coming back to haunt him. Fans of Fantasia will recognize Donnie Yen from last year’s Ipman. To be honest, I still would choose Ipman over Dragon (Wu Xia) but just by a hair. Definitely a great movie not to be missed and a must for any martial arts fan.

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