Otakuthon 2012

Enter Otakuthon!

There’s something about a convention of like-minded individuals (geeks) that just makes me happy and feel at home. Based on the experience last year, I was looking forward to this one since the year started. I pre-registered, I had an idea for a costume and I although I kinda left the actual making for the very last minute, I did manage to finish it in time.

But I was no competition to what a real cosplayer can do. Watch this dress on the right. Amazing! No, mine was not a dress…

With more characters based on anime and anime-like video games, this convention has an aura of innocence about it. I am not an expert in anime, but what I know I love.

To be honest, I could only recognize about  10% of all cosplay references at the convention (I have to watch more stuff). But the important thing is to have fun, and fun was had.

Boom Boom McCloud finds his posse

You can always recognize the classics, and you can also see even in the mix there’s a few comic lovers, superhero themes and finally my own costume genre for this year, steampunk, well represented. Nobody is turned down.

I found a few other steampunk enthusiasts and I just had to ask them to do a group picture. What do you think? That’s my posse.

I’ve always love the atmosphere of this convention. There’s an inherent happiness in everything – something I usually don’t find in other conventions.

Otakuthon 2012

I am trying hard not to generalize, but there’s conventions where people seem so jaded about their own fandom. It’s as if being discontent or resentful somehow makes you more of a seasoned expert. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Anime is usually a bit more fantasy and less grittiness. Perhaps I just got to attend better conventions. Or perhaps… it’s me that I was bitter and discontent and just now have started to enjoy it.

Looking forward to the next Otakuthon!