It’s geek fest time: It’s Montreal ComicCon 2017!

2017-07-07 16.04.16

I love summers in Montreal. The festivals are in full bloom. The ComicCon is one of my very favorites and one I never miss. I know that there’s bigger ones in the US, but Montreal’s very own has already grown big enough that the crowd size is already a bit overwhelming for me. My favorite feature is always the cosplay and the cosplayers themselves.

Things to look out for: An amazing zombie two-face, the soot-coverer Woodsman “Got a light?” from Twin Peaks: The Return, Kubo and his two evil Aunts from Kubo and the Two Strings, Speed Racer, The Flintstones and Pennywise from the It remake.

I gotta say, that zombie two-face makeup was just amazing, so that’s my pick this year. But the Woodsman and Kubo’s Evil Aunts get the runner-up spot.

That will do for now.