Spoilers might be armed with cattle prods.

(Source: Showtime)

Preacher has had Jesse and Cassidy tracking down the guy that played God after realizing that he was an actor. Well, until finally Cassidy lets one slip and Jesse has his lights on enough to realize that Tulip is not coming back. The quest for God, or in this case the quest for his impersonator, would’ve been more engrossing if everyone knew that it was a matter of time until Cassidy spilled the beans.

But let’s be real here, Tulip really seems to be in a deep shit of a cesspool with a bunch of armed gangsters, a happily joyful torturer and Viktor himself. He’s painted as cold and unforgiving, yet actually he wasn’t the person that made me fear most for Tulip’s life. That honor belongs to Viktor’s little daughter that seems to seethe with pure hatred as she spits on Tulip’s face and wishes her the worsts of fates.

But while we wait on Jesse to catch up, we’re given another treat with Eugene’s misadventures in Hell. He’s making friends with Hitler. Yeap. And as it turns out, he quickly learns that “this is Hell, act accordingly” means you gotta be ready to undo the friendships you make. That being said, Hell seriously need to up the ante here. I did like the overcrowded and underfunded references to the US’ very own prison system but they’d better deliver more goods soon. Hopefully it means Eugene’s going to start changing his luck and getting some retribution on a life that has bit him in his good-guy derrière.

In the real world, Tulip did make a legitimate attempt at running away from Viktor’s mansion, but with quite a considerable delayed start. By the time she realizes she has not a friend in the entire place, she’s managed to get past the hired muscle and aimed a gun at the big boss. Too bad she didn’t see the Marquis de Sade (or whatever his name is) behind her.

It’s par for the course when Jesse comes a-knocking on Viktor’s door (hey hey hey). He manages to put the whammy on most people, but he gets jumped from behind by the torturer who seems to be your everyday garden-variety pop music lovin’ sociopath. As he puts on his headphones to listen to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl in a Patrick Bateman / American Psycho fashion, we’re treated to what Preacher does best. That is, a weird gonzo fight that has none of the elegance of a martial arts duel and more in common with a hooligan drunk bar brawl. The fact that Jesse can’t Genesis his way out of this one as he’s been doing around the house is just pure hilarious coincidence as Mr. Inquisitor can’t hear a word he says over the music.

Jesse does manage to dispatch his infuriatingly joyful antagonist, but it’s a wonder he didn’t end up strung up from the ceiling after being knocked down. By the time he manages to reach Viktor and Tulip, he’s just a ball of rage. He legitimately would’ve strangled Viktor if Tulip wouldn’t have knocked the air out of his lungs with her cliffhanger of a revelation: Viktor is Tulip’s husband.


  • I know we’re supposed to follow the God-quest main storyline and everything else is a side quest, but Tulip’s back story seemed a ton more interesting than convincing a talent manager to reveal the whereabouts of an unknown actor.
  • Wait, so the God impersonator’s beard and hair were real?
  • Cassidy has played at this Hollywood game before, hardly a surprise but still a good one!
  • Well, Jesse it took you long enough to figure out something was wrong.
  • Also, he used Genesis up so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds himself out of juice for a few days.
  • That also means that the Saint of Killers is headed to New Orleans.

That will do for now.