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The 2017 Fantasia International Film Festival revealed its full lineup today, happily condemning movie fans to three weeks of skulking in dark theaters with the very best of crazy, beautiful, bloody, intense, sinister, thoughtful and wonderful cinema. We’re not complaining. We wouldn’t miss it for the underworld.

First and foremost, I’m a devoted fan of this festival. Second, and a perk, is the pleasure of combining the taste for a movie that belongs in the Fantasia lineup with the joy of blogging about it. And yes, half the time I won’t tell you how it ends because when it’s this good, it would be a crime not to see it yourself.

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Fantasia’s roots are in Asian cinema, but nowadays it’s content to host a myriad of films and a myriad of genres. I would say that if you’re building your own list, there’s some requirements. Horror is a must. Feel to mix it up with comedy and martial arts. Do add some spice with some good What-The-Fuck selections. Don’t forget the short films, there’s some good selections that will play them in a row.

The Villainess will open the show on Thursday, July 13. It’s followed by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable because you gotta have Takeshi Miike in this joint. One or both will end up in my list depending of availability. There’s some improvising involved in planning.

Going further, I will want Museum, Mohawk, Bad Genius, Shock Wave, Free and Easy, Origami, Jailbreak, Lowlife, A Day, Fabricated City, Bushwick, and Terreur 404.

You always need backups, so just in case I’m keeping an eye on Radius, Plan B, Pork Pie, You Only Live Once, Darkland and Game of Death.

For manga adaptations or inspirations I’m listing Teiichi: Battle of the Supreme High, Tokyo Ghoul, Gintama and Death Note 3: Light Up the New World.

Possible martial arts flics are: Final Master and Bastard Swordsman.

I know there are big studio productions like Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, but they’ll hit cinemas eventually. Although, I might just checkout Atomic Blonde.

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If all goes according to plan (chances are everything will change) then I finish with The Endless on August 1st.

That’s a lot of movies and not enough time. We shall see how this goes!

That will do for now.