Heavy spoilers will be revealed in fire letters.

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

Supergirl brought us two main storylines this week. Mon-El adopting a new identity forged by Kara and Alex making sense of her feelings for Maggie. Yeah, there were some baddies with guns provided by Cadmus, but that was barely a story. As it was foreseen by many, Alex does have a thing for Maggie but she still needed time to come to terms with them. Alex is getting a non-traditional storyline which I celebrate as long as it’s done with care. And by that I mean, don’t kill Maggie in half a season.

I did like the way that they’re slowly breaking in the story. On the other hand, the whole Mon-El thing was a bit of a disaster. For one, it seems Eve Tessmacher seems to have fallen head over heels in love and Mon-El is taking advantage. As I’ve said before, I didn’t want Mon-El to become a Clark Kent clone. It seems that we’re going completely in a different direction and it seemed like a frat boy with superpowers. He doesn’t seem to be inherently evil, and yes he’s got his own path to make but let’s hope it’s not as a womanizer. Also, loving Lena Luthor so far.

(Source: The CW)
(Source: The CW)

This week’s episode of Arrow was something old and new at the same time as we start with Olivier not trusting his team. Yes, the recruits are the B Team. They should get a little more trust but there is a pecking order and it’s due to experience. I did like that Evelyn / Artemis was feature a little more this week and her backstory was referenced. However, the show should avoid repeating the whole moral lesson because it’s becoming hard to believe that Olivier “learned his lesson” at the end of the episode when he goes back on it every week.

But it does feel like a new leaf has been turned with the whole Prometheus thing. The ties to the past where the throwing stars are made of Olivier’s old arrowheads does imprint some gravity to this new foe. But it’s also safe to say that if that is true, then Prometheus has known all about Olivier’s identity as the Hood, the Arrow and the Green Arrow since the beginning. Add to that the separated storyline of Quentin Lance drinking again and suddenly you had quite a reveal by the end of the episode. Or a psyche. It’s not unheard of that we’re being leaded into a false trail. I also liked the Bratva flashback and the appearance of Konstantin Kovar. Of whom I have some spoiler-heavy theories coming up. You’ve been warned.


  • Yes, there’s obviously a chance for Alex and Maggie. I’d like this to not being turned into a tragedy. A lot of shows have revealed a strong lesbian character and then have her killed. Let’s not go down this road please. That being said, Supergirl has been really nice about departures, allowing Cat Grant to have an easy way to come back if she pleases.
  • On the other hand, Mon-El seemed to have adopted a womanizing persona. The whole “Mike” character reeked of a frat boy that won’t do his own homework. I’m having trouble seeing Mon-El as part of the group. He’s either going to fall in line as a super-boy-scout or become an antagonist. It would be cool if somehow he’s somewhere in between, but I don’t think that’s the direction they want to go.
  • Lena Luthor is quickly becoming my favorite character. It would be a lot cooler if she a) deduced that Supergirl messed up her alien-detection device, b) had solved the thingamajig at her gathering without the help of Wynn and c) has known that Kara is Supergirl all along. Actually let’s add d) the so-called alien detector was never such a thing, it was just a probe to capture a sample of Kara’s heat seeking vision… Because she already has figured out Kara is Supergirl.
  • So Madame Cadmus is Lena’s mother. Adoptive mother, I assume. That means this is Luthor’s mother as well and that makes her probably super smart and more than a worthy adversary. At that point, I hope Lena is really on Kara’s side… For Kara’s sake.
  • And in Arrow, I actually was enjoying the Bratva flashback story. And then Ivan Drago appears… Ok, Dolph Lundgren in the role of Konstantin Kovar who is – a total badass. Odds on Konstantin being Prometheus have increased.
  • I don’t see Quentin Lance, despite the whole Quentin-is-cut-on-the-arm-just-where-Artemis-cut-Prometheus coincidence, being Prometheus. Because he’s either being mind-controlled to become the villain or he’s being framed so that he believes he’s the villain. Anyhow, unless Quentin has been hypnotized or worse, given Mirakuru, the chances are low that he’s being doing the Prometheus gig on his off nights.
  • Darn it, come to think of it there could be two Prometheus. One being Konstantin Kovar and the other being Quentin Lance on Mirakuru (sorry, now that I said that word it has to be Mirakuru) just to take the fall. That might be where the show is going.

That will do for now.