It doesn’t look like anything to me, but there may be spoilers ahead.

(Source: HBO)
(Source: HBO)

Yes, we’re joining the stylish yet brutal world of Westworld this week. This show has hinted at big reveals coming up and as we’ve slowly delved deeper and deeper into Delos Destinations’ park it seems it’s time we get some of those tricky answers that raise more questions in their wake. The show is cleverly written to expose humanity for the opportunistic, double-timing, manipulative, lecherous and violent species that we are. However, the hosts have some secrets of their own.

This week, we got one inside park story from Billy and Dolores as they ride the train into war, passing by the native american tribe known as the Ghost Nation. The trio of El Lazo, Billy and Dolores get ambushed by the Confederados who in turn get attacked by the Ghost Nation leaving the three characters time to escape. This narrative has yet to show hosts deviating from their loop except possibly Dolores, who seems to be donning a more action-based role and may have her own agenda.

(Source: HBO)
(Source: HBO)

The central storyline was in-office politics as Charlotte reveals her cards to Theresa. The hosts’ imperfections are revealed using Clementine to demonstrate the possible lack of control with a host programmed to seem a guest. Clementine is sacrificed as Maeve manages to steal a glance. How exactly did Maeve not give herself away, I’m not sure. The sacrifice seems double: Clementine is killed and Bernard is fired. That is not how Dr. Ford was going to leave it, of course.

Bernard takes Theresa to the uncharted cabin, letting her (us) know that hosts have been programmed to avoid the area and not react to it even if it’s right in front. Then Bernard follows suit when Theresa sees a door and Bernard can’t. The door leads downstairs to a small rudimentary lab that includes a host-making machine. It’s slower but functional. Enter Dr. Ford, who has not only anticipated this discovery but plan it in detail.

In a powerful acting piece by Sir Anthony Hopkins, the big reveal is not this is about to happen but that this a routine – a literal loop – between the board and the park director and creator. They try to take him out and he counters each move. His ace to play is right at hand. It’s Bernard. A host who believes himself human. A host that does Ford’s bidding for a longer time than expected. It’s Theresa’s turn to be the blood sacrifice.

Amazing episode, not because it was unexpected. We’ve been expecting a few hosts amongst the human species for a while now. It was just beautifully done.


  • As much as I want to fall into the idea that Bernard is a copy of Arnold, I think other people would notice a resemblance. Unless of course all those people already know… or have been replaced with hosts. After all, all those scenes in which we’ve seen Bernard talking to his past son or wife might be memories from the real Arnold. I guess I can’t quite rule it out, but for example I would expect Theresa to have seen a picture of him somewhere.
  • Yes, that host being built in that secret room is very possibly a copy of Theresa Cullen. I can’t think of any other human-as-a-host alternative.
  • It’s becoming more and more evident that the timeline of events is key and we’re seeing more than one. Two? Three? I still don’t see Billy as the Man in Black but perhaps he goes dark later. Right now it feels like a stretch.
  • If Maeve has a plan, now is the time to implement it. I’m pretty sure marked-for-death Sylvester will try (emphasis on try) to get himself some help, run, tell on her or all three. It should fail, because Maeve is by far the more interesting character.
  • It’s very possible that Charlotte is a host, or she’s gonna be one. Then again, you can’t play that card again so quick. We need to space the reveals a bit.
  • Dr. Richard Ford’s monologue delivered by Sir Anthony Hopkins is every bit as chilling as the first time we heard him play Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Or perhaps, that is incidental.

That will do for now.