The night is dark and- forget it. Spoilers ahead.

(Source: HBO)
(Source: HBO)

Before we begin, yes – we’re back reviewing Game of Thrones because although it might make you wince and it might sometimes rely on old character archetypes the writing can still be solid. That’s not a completely shallow reason. Challenges to cliches and stereotypes are often the shining gem of this series. It also has this dark side that seems to rejoice in the suffering and humiliation of others because Game of Thrones can be dark.

A little reminder to new readers that this is not a recap. If you haven’t seen the episode, there’s no reason to be here. Sail away in the next ship to King’s Landing. The place is a mess right now. The Queen Mother is back in her home, ready to receive her brother Jaime and some bad news. Myrcella is another reason for Cersei to hate everything in Dorne. The Lannisters always pay their debts. Margaery Tyrell remains a prisoner of the Faith Militant. I must concede that I don’t care one iota for the Faith Militant. I know they’re a HUGE warning lesson against giving power to the fanatically inclined, but I get tired of hearing their drivel. Then again, the more you hate something in this show, the more it lasts.

Braavos is still a big interrogation mark. Arya is blind and her nemesis (referred to as the Waif in the books) appears to taunt her into fighting although she can’t see. I don’t see this lasting too long. Arya is bound to get the upper hand soon. Of course this is an educated guess because if it weren’t for Arya, we don’t have anybody else to visit Braavos for and therefore there’s no point for the location.

Good news. No, for real this time! Sansa and Theon are alive and kicking. They are in a bad spot when found by some Bolton soldiers but get rescued by Brienne and Podrick. At the very least, Sansa finally puts her trust in someone worthy of it. Brienne’s greater task now begins. Keeping Sansa safe is a 24/7 job.

Okey enough dwindling around, let’s get to it. The Wall.

Yes, Jon Snow is a corpse. He remains a corpse throughout this episode. A corpse that needs to be guarded because somehow it still summons followers – albeit a very small crowd – around it, but they do get the alliance of Ser Davos Seaworth becomes the mentor if not the leader of this small rebel group. And he’s given Dolorous Edd one very important piece of information: there are those that might still rally against Thorne and his followers. He’s of course talking about the Wildlings.

But Edd is taking his time and Thorne is at the door, offering Davos safe passage out of Castle Black. Davos is not believing it for a moment and is quick to ask for food as well, knowing their lives are forfeit once that door is breached. Davos is ready to play his last card… Melisandre.

The proverbial Red Priestess seems sad and tired as she disrobes for the night. And when we see her next, she appears as none of us have ever seen her: ancient. Something about that old body seems weak and strong at the same time. Melisandre might indeed be the key for the survival of the last of Jon’s allies at Castle Black. What’s more, you know that she might also be the key for Jon’s return.

Yeah, I think Jon Snow is making it back on the show soon. In what form, that’s to be seen.


  • Tyrion and Varys walk the streets of Meereen alone. This is so freaking unwise that it hurts. Nothing new was really said, or at least nothing interesting really happened. Oh yeah, the ships in the harbour were burned, allegedly by the Sons of the Harpy.
  • Daenerys is a prisoner of the Khal Moro, leader of another Dothraki khalasar. After revealing herself in perfect Valyrian, she is freed but told her destiny lies in Vaes Dothrak, as she is another Khal’s widow. This is actually an intriguing outcome. I’m glad we didn’t have a rerun of Dany having to rise from slavery to royalty again!
  • Ser Davos is easily my new favorite character. Demanding food from Thorne was painfully obvious sarcasm. Getting it offered was such an obvious lie of an offer as well.
  • I really want to get excited about Dorne again, but it’s hardly a surprise that Ellaria and the Sand Snakes were in cahoots to take down Prince Doran. Tristane was just pitifully naive.
  • Arya needs to regain her resolve back first, and then her sight.
  • I was happy to see at least one bright moment for Sansa and Theon as they get rescued by Brienne and Podrick. Okey, Podrick had to be rescued by Theon, but overall Brienne wins the day. Although now it’s a party of four running away from an army.
  • Melisandre abandoning her young likeness to appear what appears to be her ancient true self was a moment of vulnerability but I refuse to see that as weakness. The older and the more ancient you are the more powerful the magic you can summon.
  • Jon Snow. Melisandre. Davos. You know that the idea of Melisandre and Davos serving Stannis was now just a warm up. I still believe they’re both ment to serve Jon Snow. Now, in what capacity he’s coming back it’s hard to guess. He still had his name first in the credits.

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