Spoilers might breach into this post.

Perhaps I was too harsh on Supergirl‘s last episode. After all, we’re supposed to think they’ve been planning this all along. The last episode tried to raise the stakes very high. I might have been too hasty in judging this plan as poorly constructed. Or not.

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That was my mindset going into the season finale for Supergirl. This show has had its brilliant but short ups and major, major downs, usually on the same episode. Moments of brilliance, usually when Melissa Benoist becomes the embodiment of either Kara or Supergirl, have been plenty but short lived. Unfortunately, the storyline is weak. The show seems to be chasing scenes, not stories. Setting up all your ducks in a row to give us a satisfactory conclusion might seem fair if you have been consistent. You have to enjoy the ride, not just the scenery.

I wasn’t into it with Myriad. And I was into it even less when every single stake raised was then defused. Twelve minutes into the show, ads included, every threat from the previous episode was solved. Helen Slater appears as Eliza Danvers flying Martian Manhunter airlines and convinces Alex to not kill her sister. Really? Are we going with the “love conquers all” formula? Because I don’t think that’s going to wo- ok, Supergirl just spoke to everyone through one of CatCo’s old tv stations and some Maxwell Lord geekery and now everything’s fine.

I literally think the credits were still rolling as the clean up duty began at the DEO. And once we re-establish the new threat for this episode, it’s up to Supergirl and J’onn J’onzz to fight Non and Indigo. Oh, and Maxwell tells Kara she might die which makes her go around saying goodbye to everyone. The big solution to Myriad 2.0, which is Fort Rozz itself, is to plunge it into space. Which would kill Supergirl, because you can’t breath in space and no, all those times you saw Superman do that don’t matter. Of course she does it anyway while the world watches. Alex rescues her using Kara’s space pod? No, seriously that happens.

You’ve created amazing characters but very few amazing stories, Supergirl. I really wish you get a second season. I really wish you get better stories if you do.

(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)
(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)

The Flash had a regular episode with a decent storyline. Although, I was with Harrison Wells here. It’s hard to care about Earth 2. Still, it’s time to meet Zoom again and, at the same time, for the first time. I still could’ve told you Barry was going to have to deal with a hostage situation in seconds. The fact that it was Wally West was peculiar. My money would’ve been on Caitlin Snow. Still, she does get taken at the end of the episode. There’s a brief encounter between Wally and the man in the iron mask that makes me believe that might be Wally from Earth 2.0 there.


  • I’m going to start doubting Supergirl is coming back for another season. It’s not a bad product. It’s lousy storytelling. We had some great episodes like Falling. Not a strong finale.
  • The omegahedron is finally mentioned by name but discarded away as useless. WTF?
  • So is Non dead? Did J’onn J’onzz killed indigo by splitting her in two and that was her final words?
  • I think Supergirl literally borrowed a page from The Walking Dead bringing up that new space pod. The writers give themselves a chance to write literally anything for the next season. If there is a next season. I’ve yet to hear an official word.
  • There’s a moment in which Zoom releases Wally and in which Barry has to give up his speed. It’s a lull. It’s based completely on Barry honoring the deal, because Zoom has already released his hostage. Of course, he could take another one and he does anyway, but that would have been the moment to take him down with something. Which makes me think, why wasn’t there a plan in place to deal with Zoom BEFORE opening the breach?
  • And the biggest one of all: Why give Zoom the only thing that Barry can use to attack him? Why not have a plan in place by which Zoom does not gain speed but loses it? Harrison, come on – tell me you sabotaged that speed transfer somehow. Please.

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