Spoilers will race to the finish line and cross over dimensions! Ok, there will be some.

First things, first. Did World’s Finest work? Was it all that we wanted and more? Yes, Supergirl got a crossover where a superhero from another production – I mean, from another dimension – appeared right out of the multiverse. The result was brutal, a battle of the likes the world has never seen and should never see again. Wait a second, that’s not exactly it… The result was adorable, they both couldn’t be nicer to each other and we all want them to see each other regularly. Bats and Supes could learn something from these two.

(Source: CBS)
(Source: CBS)

When Barry met Kara was just an exercise right out of the boy and girl scout’s manual. The two were instant allies, and although they charge into battle without a clear plan, they were able to combine their attacks. The antagonist to this dynamic duo were returning villainess Livewire and newly discovered superpowered Siobhan as Silver Banshee. So it turns that Siobhan’s power runs in the family and it makes them have to kill whoever has wronged them… Probably from their point of view or she’d be after herself. Yes, there were cheesy moments specially in their final battle as Flash and Supergirl have to rescue Cat Grant. Still, overall an improvement from most episodes (although Falling remains this series’ top achievement).

(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)
(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)

The Flash decides to play with time and gets a Time Wraith on his tail on this week’s Flash Back. Barry going back to Season One’s version of Central City to just get help from Eobard Thawne’s Harrison Wells might be a bit of a over-the-top premise where the risks certainly outweigh the benefit. However, I found it so compelling to see Tom Cavanagh become Season One’s Harrison Wells again. And yes, he discovers Barry soon enough. Strangely enough, the massive potential for universe alteration seems to have been avoided. Except for Hartley Rathaway (the Pied Piper) becoming a reformed criminal. There has to be more side effects to Barry’s time travel adventure, some minimal side effect that will bring disaster. Time travel must have a greater cost.

(Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)
(Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW)

The Arrow, aka The Green Arrow… Sorry, why are we bringing back villains like Brie Larvae? Yes, I love Emily Kinney but that was some god awful dialog she had to work with. Unfortunately, same as last week, we’re back on more villains appearing just as an excuse so that we can make Oliver and Felicity reflect on their recent breakup. The actual plot was not much of a threat. Since when can robotic bees suddenly form a humanoid-shape combatant? Since when can they reproduce into more…? Ok, sorry. This episode didn’t work at all for me. At least two characters had to use “Beacon of Hope” in their speech to seem like the title was relevant.


  • Supergirl brought together the two biggest forces for good: Barry and Kara. They were both phenomenal and they were a delight to see working together instead of, you know, assuming the worst and trying to kill each other. Because that would be dumb. Sorry Clark and Bruce.
  • Lots of little moments here. Kara reacting to Barry getting all the gang ice cream. Kara pointing out her spaceship to Barry. Barry giving advice to Kara without being patronizing.
  • Not everything worked. The whole origin backstory for Silver Banshee. Her supervillain makeover. Also she punches Kara at some point which didn’t make sense, how did Siobhan get superstrength? The whole crowd-protects-Supergirl was just painfully cheesy. The same goes for the firemen.
  • I didn’t quite buy Cat Grant discovering Barry as the Flash in no time flat, but I do understand it was done just so that we once again bring back the idea that Cat Grant still knows that Kara is Supergirl. Yes, she totally knows. Have you noticed that when the camera closes up on Cat Grant’s face, there’s some CGI blur on her cheeks?
  • The Flash was a good episode with a ludicrous premise, but overall it was a strange joy to see Harrison Wells 1.0 still masterminding. That remains still a great character. Somehow I wish Barry would still be able to interact with Thawne’s version of Wells in the present. The time wraith was just a secondary threat.
  • If Hartley Rathaway aka the Pied Pier was reformed… How did the whole Firestorm thing happened instead? Barry also messed with this event further when he told Past-Cisco that Hartley “knows where Ronnie is”. Something has to have changed here. I want Barry to have to deal with some fallback for his time travel actions.
  • Arrow didn’t work at all this week. Emily Kinney had so many corny lines (bee-this and bee-that). I want to believe that her performance was due to the awful dialog that she had to work with, but it was just painful to watch. Also, when can we NOT have everything remind us of Oliver and Felicity breaking up? At least we got something of an alternate dynamic with Curtis. Oh, and the Andy Diggle cliffhanger at the end didn’t really bring anything to the table.

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