Spoilers. One last time.

(Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC)
(Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Last Day on Earth. Ok, let’s cut through the thicket here. The Walking Dead ends a sixth season full of false starts and back-and-forth teases. New characters that had been introduced were taken out. The Andersons (Jesse and the emo kids) got killed because they were going nowhere. Glenn got in a sticky situation and left for dead to just come back. Were we just testing storylines? The truth is that whatever direction we seemed to take we backtracked over our own steps.

Carol runs away pursued by Morgan, who wants to save her and one surviving Saviour from the ambush from the previous episode who’s coming to get Carol. It ends strangely. Morgan breaks his own law and shoots the guy. Armored riders approach them. Whether they’ll help Carol and Morgan, it’s a question for the next season.

The big bad finally appears… Too soon? Ok, let’s paint the scene. Maggie is in pain. Rick and company decide to take her to the doctor on Hilltop. What they end up doing is playing a labyrinth game in which the Saviours stop their advances with zombies, fallen logs and firepower. The solution (show of hands, who expected this to work? NOBODY) they come up with is to send Eugene alone in the RV while they circle around through the woods. They all are captured in no time.

With everyone lined up, and I mean everyone – Glenn, Michonne, Rosita and a wounded but still alive Daryl are brought out as well – plus a freshly captured Eugene. They join Rick, Maggie, Carl, Abraham and Sasha. The band is back together to say hello to the new villain, Negan and good bye to…

Yeah, about that.

It’s a little too blunt of a setup here. We have the big bad Negan with his favorite barbed wire bat, Lucille. All the main cast (except for Morgan and Carol) in a row. Negan picks one person at random and starts swinging. Don’t bother with trying to guess who he was looking at last or who was next to whom. The point is one person is getting killed – but we leave it for the next season. The obvious thing is to end in a cliffhanger, and you can theorize who has to go all you want. I really doubt that the showrunners themselves have decided who it is. I think they just decided they need to put more suspense into the show but they don’t know who it should be.


  • The gauntlet (the whole blockade maze) was a neat idea. Not enough to redeem the entire season, but it added some gravitas to the plot.
  • The Carl and Enid thing. How does Carl get away with telling Enid to stay in Alexandria? That’s a bit of a lot patronizing on Carl’s part, isn’t it?
  • I was onboard with Carol doubting herself, but I don’t see that going anywhere. Are we saving Carol and Morgan for another daring rescue?
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a decent Negan, but was it too little too late? How can he do anything that we haven’t seen done a thousand times before?
  • The whole cheap plot twist of leaving the identity of the executed for the next season sounds more like a cop out than a cliffhanger. So, who’s going to face down Lucille? Rather than a guess, I give you the entire group categorized according to possibility:
    • Possible victims: Glenn. Maggie. Eugene. Abraham. These would be ranked high for the chopping block.
    • Unlikely targets: Sasha. Rosita. If either of them would get killed, it would be more of a “what was the point of that” reaction. Rosita has barely started a storyline. Sasha had a couple but only in the sidelines.
    • Serious twists: Daryl. Michonne. Either would be a serious twist. It could happen, more so with Daryl than Michonne, but it would mean the showrunners would be taking some serious risk given they’re both audience favorites.
    • Nearly Impossible: Rick. Carl. Rick is obviously safe, we can’t miss his own reaction to someone of his group getting killed. Carl is also safe since we want to keep exploring the father-and-son dynamic in an apocalypse setting.

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