Spoilers will rise. You might have noticed that I’ve been really late in coming up with a review for this week. No? Yeah, exactly.

(Photo: AMC/Gene Page)
(Photo: AMC/Gene Page)

This week’s episode was Not Tomorrow Yet. I would’ve titled it The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. If you’ve ever wondered when Rick’s group of survivors would start falling to the dark side of the force, here’s one you might like. The survivors are actually planning to eliminate, and I mean kill people in their sleep, their possible opposition. My problem with that is not the morality behind it or the degeneration of society’s civilized values, it’s something even more basic. It’s the fact that to a certain degree, we’ve explored that already.

The episode last week was a symptom that the show is becoming repetitive. Yes, blurring the lines between our “hero” survivors and the “villain” scavengers might seem edgy, except it’s been happening for a while. Rick has been at this point before, except that now everyone (with some a little more reluctant than others, ahem, Morgan) is willing to participate. Desperate times call for desperate measures?

Or are we starting to run out of things to do?

Well, no. Suddenly we’re back on comic book timeline as the Saviours and Negan appear on the horizon. Not literally, though. They actually are hinted and mentioned because we’re trying to build some expectation for this one? Can the show generate a supervillain that exceeds the Governor? Should it really try at all?

We know there’s not an ending to this show, right? We know the comics just go on. After all, it’s their bread and butter. However, shows do end – usually when they run out of audience.

I think it was a good thing that I was a late viewer to this show. I was, however, an early fan of the comics. I did had my months in which I didn’t really wanted to read it again and eventually came back to it. But it’s this particular period where my attention span finally gave up. I don’t feel engaged anymore. Perhaps a little too many seasons have passed, but now as a coincidence, we’ve reach the same point in the TV show that I did in the comic book. The point where I don’t really look forward to another episode. I’ll still watch from time to time.

And yeah, I was hoping to see Daryl reunited with his crossbow.

Coming up on the Calendar:

  • Tuesday, March 8: Agents of SHIELD (midseason premiere)
  • Friday, March 18: Daredevil (new season)
  • Sunday, April 3, 2016: The Walking Dead (season finale)
  • Thursday, April 14: Orphan Black (season premiere)
  • Sunday, April 24: Game of Thrones (season premiere)
  • Sunday, May 1: Penny Dreadful (season premiere)
  • Thursday, May 19: Legends of Tomorrow (season finale)
  • Tuesday, May 24: The Flash (season finale)
  • Wednesday, May 25: Arrow (season finale)

That will do for now.