This week, Supergirl flies alone. Spoilers ahead.

(Source: CBS)
(Source: CBS)

First off, the almost unneeded tension that existed between Hank and Kara is finally dissipated, as well as Alex’s suffering. The idea that Hank would carry the blame because… I don’t know, he was not the Hank that Kara wanted but the one he needed? I’m not sure what the whole transfer of guilt was supposed to do. The reveal appears to finally bring Kara and Alex together again, because although for Kara her sister’s relationship was a given, for Alex it has been the source of unlimited stress. I dare say Alex suffered more in silence and was the one left by herself. It was a tender moment.

What about the main threat? Well, we get Laura Vandervoort (aka Smallville’s past version of Supergirl) as the guest villain… Mystique? Nope, meet Indigo. She’s… computer magic. I know she’s supposed to be a Brainiac relative but she’s less Tron and more like a melee fighter. Actually, she’s kind of many things. Unlike a Brainiac-type villain, she’s our usual over-the-top bad girl. Unlike a supposed energy-based entity (which in this case has both the dual nature of energy and matter…?) she doesn’t have energy/laser/distance attacks. Instead she knows kung fu because reasons. I have many issues on how Indigo is supposed to fight.

(Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS)
(Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS)

If you create an entity that is able to turn into energy and… sigh… travel through the computer screen, well we’re talking Weird Science and Automan. This is essentially “computers are magic” territory in 80’s style. Which is too bad because Indigo could be a little better designed as a villain? If she’s a primarily energy-based construct, she would be better served having some sort of energy attacks. Actually, maintaining a physical presence would be a challenge and therefore she would rely on distance attacks. But no, we’re going for snare-like holds which bring the comparisons to Mystique even closer to the mark. She’s also apparently elastic, which I get – after all she can alter her physical presence. The Law of Conservation of Energy has no hold on Mys- I mean, Indigo.

(Photo: Darren Michaels/CBS)
(Photo: Darren Michaels/CBS)

Indigo had more importance than a regular enemy. Named as the most dangerous inmate in Fort Rozz, she was also the culprit that caused Kara’s ship to deviate from her trayectory and bring Fort Rozz out of the Phantom Zone, she should be a more rounded and consistent character. Instead, she also suffers from the same trait than flesh-and-blood Kryptonian villains: an over-the-top personality.

She gets a point for the Candy Crush reference though.


  • The whole triangle thing between James, Lucy and Kara breaks open. Was this the intention all along? James gets permission from Kara to reveal her identity to Lucy, but although we never get to that reveal we also wonder if it would’ve changed anything. The show has been toying a little with the whole Kara-James crush from both sides, which has left Lucy out in the cold. Although James would deny it, he has unresolved feelings there.
  • The Siobhan thing with Winn actually seems like a good thing for both. There’s a little Cordelia-Xander thing happening there, I’m sure I’m not the only one that has come up with that comparison.
  • Yes! The Fortress of Solitu- wait, is this supposed to be the back entrance or something? I’m pretty sure the door should be bigger. Like a LOT bigger. It felt like a discount version. I’d gone CGI here. It was a little underwhelming. Still cool that we get to visit such a famous location, I just expected a little more.
  • This kinda revived the idea that if a lone missile was about to destroy a city (throwback to Superman The Movie) and there was a Brainiac-like enemy and a whole lot of Kryptonians intent on taking over the world, well… Superman himself would actually make an appearance. I think that eventually the show will have to give us either a) Superman on National City, or b) Supergirl in Metropolis which would be even better.
  • I can only guess we kept Hank as the receiver of the blame because we were trying to create tension. The resolve is more of a family approach, which at least didn’t degenerate into a misunderstanding, but I really saw the whole thing as pointless from the start.
  • A more stoic, more cerebral Indigo would’ve been better. Give her a more ominous feel, less ethereal, less reliant on physical attacks. Then again, perhaps that’s Non’s intention. Wow, Non is the big bad now? It’s just… Non-exciting.
  • The omegahedron from the Supergirl movie! I mean… Err… Yeah, that glowy ball thingy that spins. Yeap.

That will do for now.