Goddamit, I was out! I was clear and free here. Oh yeah, spoilers will be required.

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

If you haven’t seen this one, you might just want to give it a chance. For all the times we’ve seen Carol become a badass, this is one that heavily features her facing her own humanity. I’m not going to relate the whole thing. This one is Carol and Maggie getting captured. It’s Negan’s people and it’s another blurred lines thing again. Maggie and Carol are facing another group of survivors, presumably part of the Saviours (we don’t have a clue about hierarchy yet).

Kudos to Alicia Witt for playing Paula, a character that might as well be a Maggie/Carol hybrid. Tough as nails but not without some remains of humanity, Paula seemed like the perfect mirror for Carol to see herself. Specially since Carol has been slowly accepting back some of her more trusting persona. Maggie instead is fighting for herself and her unborn child. She’s really not taking any prisoners.

Surprisingly, Carol has become vulnerable. It’s something that identifies us as humans: we can be hurt. That’s something we easily put aside when we play apocalypse survivor from our couch, but it makes Carol more interesting. On the other hand, this episode calls on Maggie to toughen up, and she does.

A brutal episode, but one where Carol’s defences are lowered. It makes her a more interesting character in the long run. As for Maggie, I can only think she was risking her own child coming along. I know she’s proven herself pretty capable, but I can’t help but feel she needs to exercise some caution and restraint.

So here’s a discussion plot: is Negan real or an ideal? I know they’ve already casted Jeffrey Dean Morgan but it would be quite a twist if we were to learn there was no one person playing the character. Don’t think that’s going to happen.

Okey, I guess I’m going week by week regarding if a new episode merits a blog or not. We shall see how next week fares.

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