Superhero Weekly: Truth, Justice and the American Way, King Shark and Taken

Spoilers ahead.

Supergirl explored one topic that Kara has been building up to. After holding Maxwell Lord outside of the Justice system, she is brought face to face with the embodiment of what she’s to become in the Master Jailer in this past week’s episode of Truth, Justice and the American Way. I love the intention, but dammit the execution is still sloppy.

(Source: CBS)

(Source: CBS)

I have concluded that James basically plays Superman. He’s literally Kara’s superhero conscience. That is a good thing because right now Kara is not listening to Hank or the DEO. It’s James with his “battle of values” speech that convinces Kara to do the right thing and release Maxwell Lord. On the other hand, Master Jailer is just an annoyance.

(Source: The CW)

(Source: The CW)

The Flash brings us King Shark again because… I don’t know. He’s a CGI throw-away villain. However, the story that truly made the episode for me was Caitlin Snow facing her loss. There was a real sense of the show giving her the space to grieve. There’s also a secondary plot about Wally not getting along with Barry, which is made worse when Barry must disappear during a King Shark attack to return as the Flash. That gets Wally calling him a coward. Of course, the real kickass moment in this episode is the cliffhanger at the end. Zoom has the face of Jay Garrett? Stay tuned for the Highs and Lows for some crazy theories…

(Source: The CW)

(Source: The CW)

Arrow was for better and worse this week with Taken. William, Oliver’s secret son, is taken by Damien Darhk. In other obvious things that had to happen, Felicity is not happy about it. Not one bit. Of course, the feels get put on hold as Samantha enlists Oliver’s help – and that means Team Arrow goes on the offensive again. This time they do have an ace up their sleeve: Vixen! Straight from the animated series, Megalyn Echikunwoke becomes the live-action version of the heroine. As it turns out, she will become instrumental in temporarily weakening Darhk. William is saved. Samantha and the kid disappear. But in the fallout from the reveal, Oliver has dropped out of the mayoral campaign and Felicity walks out – literally walks out – on Oliver.


  • Supergirl had actually a great premise this week. The storyline had been building up to Kara having to face the truth about being unaccountable to anybody, and James was the perfect voice to convey that speech about true justice. The show still needs to find its rhythm to tell a story and not get tangled up.
  • Caitlin Snow was given her time to grief in The Flash. That was a good thing. I hope there’s better stories up ahead for her. I hope she becomes instrumental in bringing down Zoom.
  • I can’t stand Wally West. He better become endearing soon or he’s going to be out on his luck.
  • Zoom was exposed as the face of Jay Garrett in the cliffhanger. Or is it Hunter Zolomon? However, I have my doubts over the man in the mask being the “real” Jay Garrett. Didn’t he just dropped a dead Jay? Or are we pulling the yet-another-parallel-universe card again? I think it would be interesting if the man in the mask is someone completely unexpected. Like Patty. Or Wally.
  • I am tired of Damien Darhk, so there was something good to look forward to in this week’s episode. Plus, Megalyn Echikunwoke finally becoming Vixen after voice-acting her in the animated version was just too cool.
  • The ending cliffhanger to Arrow was almost unfair. Felicity can walk, just as she decides to walk out on Oliver. The shipper fandom must be going crazy out there. At least it did give the show a little more gravitas, a little more of a where-do-we-go-from-here kind of feel.

That will do for now.

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