Spoilers might make a shocking appearance.

(Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment)
(Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros. Entertainment)

CBS just decided to switch this week’s scheduled episode for last week’s as a gesture of respect for the Paris attacks. It’s a sensitive decision, but it also means we’re playing it a little safe this week with Supergirl 1×04: Livewire. Baddie of the week is B-class super villain Livewire aka Leslie Willis (Brit Morgan). Her powers are gained by accident, she gets rescued by Supergirl just as they’re both hit lightning and now she can handle and become electricity because, as Hank Henshaw exposes, Supergirl adds that Kryptonian weird factor.

Livewire is sort of a fun character. A shock radio personality that was promoted by Cat Grant to the top but doesn’t handle being ordered by her too well. We all know which is her weakness, because she’s been seen before. She’s that threat that appears for one episode only until you figure she shares the same weakness than the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Yeap. Water. That’s it.

The reason I want to kind of get her out of the way quick is because the interesting character in this episode is Cat Grant. Calista Flockhart plays her really close to the vest in every take, but it’s really becoming obvious that Cat Grant’s apparent self-delusion personality might just be a total act. She comes very close to caring in a few scenes, even when she’s still telling Kara she’s useless. She reminds me of The Flash’s season one version of Harrison Wells in reverse: Harrison is charismatic and it really seems that he cares but he’s a scary villain. In Cat’s case, she really seems not to care about anybody but herself but she keeps dispensing advise and has an underlying charisma that is bubbling to the surface.

The other interesting aspect of this one was Dr. Eliza Danvers (Helen Slater, aka Supergirl from the 80’s). To be honest, the whole family drama was a bit forced. Alex has apparently lived all her life unfairly judged by Eliza to take care of Kara. Not quite a premise that I believe it has taken a decade to solve. Still, it was amazing to see her on the show again. Also featured in a flashback, is Jeremiah Danvers (Dean Cain, aka Superman from the 90’s). The big reveal here is that Hank Henshaw actually confronted the Danvers back then. To keep the DEA from taking Kara, Jeremiah accepted to work for the DEA. That is the reason why Jeremiah Danvers death (which was apparently an accident) might have undisclosed circumstances.

Good episode. It’s hard for me to say why exactly I can’t call it great, but it’s just one of those were a couple of scenes make it and more than a few could’ve been left out. Ok, nevermind, guess I just explained why.


  • Cat Grant. Calista Flockhart is starting to shine. I’m starting to draw too many parallels to Greg Berlanti’s productions, but she’s definitely the ambiguous character which you can’t quite tell which side she’s on. That’s making her the character to watch.
  • Livewire was ok, but she’s a bit of a one-shot villain. I did like that they used Supergirl’s Kryptonian DNA to give birth to the character’s powers because let’s be honest, electricity doesn’t have that mysterious quality anymore. I didn’t quite bought into the whole she-turns-into-energy skill.
  • Cat Grant mentions someone named Carter while talking about Thanksgiving with Kara. That’s because Carter Grant is her son, which has not being introduced yet.
  • Family drama with Eliza and Alex. It felt very forced. And unnecessary.
  • Jeremiah’s death on the other hand, and Hank Henshaw’s early interest in Kara just started an underlying storyline for the rest of the season, if not more. Hank is obviously hiding something. And both Danvers are on the case.
  • Winn’s father is in prison. Can we assume he’s going to be the baddie of a future episode? Winslow Schott is also known as the Toyman.

That will do for now.