Spoilers might double cross you next.

We’re still dealing with the fallout in this week’s The Walking Dead 6×06: Always Accountable. Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are ambushed by gunfire. The enemies now have cars and guns. It’s filler-ish content, but a bit more on the suspenseful side than last week. With Daryl getting separated from Sasha and Abraham, we have two storylines to share this week. Not quite sure who ambushes them, are we supposed to believe this is just a random community of survivors or another part of the wolf pack?

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Sasha and Abraham get their car smashed but take out their assailants. Theirs is the more reflective storyline. It has some perks though. Abraham finds some really high caliber weaponry in a military humvee. Dangling from the ledge, stabbed through the shoulder, is a soldier walker… With an RPG launcher on his back. In a careless moment, Abraham tries to reach him – but he’s too far and too grabby to allow that. Abraham opts to return to the humvee and smoke a cigar. Guess what? The soldier walker’s shoulder is rotting far quicker with all the movement and it rips open. Left behind after the falling walker is a free RPG launcher. You know that’s going to come into play at some point.

Daryl’s is a bit more on the interesting side because… I guess in part because he’s Daryl. He’s walking through this burned part of the woods where he gets jumped by this trio. Tina, Honey and their friend D are running away from a community they trusted but trust no more. D in particular is convinced Daryl is one of them and doesn’t want to hear anything else. They’re trying to rescue someone named Patty. So begins a little trust-not-trust game until Daryl manages to get away with their stuff to discover that one of the girls is a diabetic. So, change of heart?

Daryl comes back to save them after this group of armed guys tries to take them. He engineers a trap using a walker to cause one of the guys to get bitten. Ingenious. Unfortunately, Tina ends up dying as they return to a burned out greenhouse and she gets attacked by walkers. There’s little place for sentimentality in this world, and Daryl learns a hard lesson here. As he decides to take them back to their motorcycle, D once again pulls the gun and Honey and him take off in his bike… With Daryl’s crossbow.

(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
(Photo: Gene Page/AMC)

Fortunately, Daryl still has a knife. He finds a fuel truck in the woods, takes out the walker in the cab, and drives to find Sasha and Abraham. The truck’s license plate reads PATTY. As they try to get someone on the radio, they hear a voice asking for help.


  • The scene with Abraham and the soldier walker was almost taken out of a combat video game. Yeah, you obviously want to grab the RPG launcher. Also, that’s going to come into play later. Too bad the humvee was out of commission.
  • You almost wanted to scream at Daryl not to trust anybody out there, but he’s actually become a little more human. Unfortunately, he’s lost his favorite weapon. Still, he managed to get away and find his friends.
  • When the girl tells Daryl “sorry” while taking away his crossbow, Daryl replies: “You’re gonna be.” If they ever run into each other again, something tells me Daryl will be forced into forgiving them again another time. Or not. Dammit, it’s like Michonne without her katana all over again.
  • So, Rick is back in Alexandria. Who’s asking for help? What would Admiral Ackbar say about this situation?

That will do for now.