Spoilers might double up.

(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)
(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)

The Flash 2×05: The Darkness and the Light gives us clone/doppelganger deluxe as Harrison Wells (no, that one, the other one) appears in Central City. There’s a few surprises, and a whole lot of exposition… Actually, not that much. We’re five episodes in and we’re discussing parallel universes like it’s a cup of tea. Not your thing, you’d rather watch something else, go right ahead. I am loving this show.

Tom Cavanaugh returns as Harrison Wells 2.0, a man with a mission. Also, surprisingly so, a different character. Less approachable, a little anti-social, in short he’s kind of dick. Here’s the thing, whether it’s anti-charisma or what have you, he has one thing in common with his now retconned-removed self. He’s still the smartest guy in the room which means regardless of how much he antagonizes everyone he’s still very much needed. Now if Joe West could stop shooting at him, we might just get to know what he’s here for. Oh, one thing we know from the cold open: Harrison-2 has a daughter (Violett Beane).

There’s a new meta in Central City (this one), Dr. Light. Straight from the comics, except this time she’s female and happens to be Linda Park (Malese Jow) from Earth-2. The Flash discovers this at the same time that he’s blinded by a flash… of light. Jay Garrett can’t believe it, since he expected Dr. Light to just be a robber. Harrison restates that you can’t trust anybody under Zoom’s influence. The faith in Jay wavers in this episode, as Harrison insists Barry should just go head to head with Zoom before things get more complicated.

(Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)
(Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)

Blinded, Barry remembers he’s got a date with Patty Spivot which he now believes ruined. Iris, however, insists he goes with Cisco guiding Barry through a mini-cam. It’s just a little corny, but Barry can’t go against Light – and we gotta start moving this romance train pronto. To be honest, we don’t, but the series needs its spice as much as it needs its sugar. Of course Barry stumbles through the date until Patty figures it out because this is not a sitcom and Patty IS a damn detective after all. That was a great detail to have. Yes, they smooch and all – the smooch express stops once the phones claim attention.

Dr. Light actually attempted to take out the real Linda Park. Linda’s editor ended up dead, but Iris shot her helmet off. Wait, let’s back up a little here. Iris has a gun because her father decided she should have one. Joe is also the guy who flies off the handle upon seeing Harrison-2 and starts shooting. Joe is a bit of a loose cannon here. Iris knows how to use a gun, but I don’t think she has a license to carry one. Yes, I’m nitpicking again. Let’s move on.

Harrison has discovered Cisco’s secret meta status. He pressures him into locating Dr. Light via his helmet. After some misfires, Cisco manages to call up his skill and direct Barry to her location. Dr. Light is trying to take a train out of town. Of course it’s now turn for strategy, which should really be discussed before running into danger. Jay fizzles. He’s not sure. It’s Harrison who comes up with a solution. Although, to Jay’s credit, he does give him a pep-talk at the last minute. Either way, Dr. Light is caught.

(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)
(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)

Barry is now convinced that they must just go with Harrison’s plan and attract Zoom using Dr. Light. Jay doesn’t want any part of this and walks away. Cisco ends up getting a date he floundered earlier and reconnecting with his friends. Together they decide on a nickname for his meta self: Vibe.

Great episode. In the beginning, I thought a mean Harrison Wells might mess the dynamic. But now, I think he could work like a Reverse Harrison. Let’s hit the highs and lows.


  •  The new Harrison Wells is nothing like the old one. Or perhaps, he’s lot like the old one. Character wise, he’s a bit of an asshole, less charm but still the sharpest mind this side of the breach. However, Jay’s right about him being up to something. As we learn in the epilogue, Zoom has Wells’ daughter. Is Harrison planning a rescue or giving Zoom what he wants – Barry’s life for her daughter’s freedom?
  • Nifty little gimmick to have a meta detector on a wristwatch. They need more of those. Like an entire set for all the STAR Labs team.
  • Cisco’s power is out in the open. I wish they’d stop giving Caitlin Snow the line about “superheroes” because it’s a little naive. Nitpicking here, move along, nothing to see…
  • Caitlin Snow has feelings for Jay Garrett, and it seems he’s not opposed to them. However, Jay does flake in this episode a couple of times. At least he’s not addressing Barry as “kid” anymore. It’s obvious Jay and Harrison (no longer needed to say the other one since there’s only one left) don’t like each other but I didn’t expect Jay to just walk out.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about Joe’s decisions this episode. He goes Clint Eastwood when he sees Harrison and later decides Iris has to have a gun. Let’s not play fast and loose here, just reign it in and let’s have Joe making sense again.
  • And this has nothing to do with anything, but I’ve been wanting to review Supergirl. The main problem, as I look at the clock on the corner telling me midnight is closing in, is that I literally can’t seem to fit in the necessary time to make a half decent review. I’ll find a way.

That will do for now.