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Superhero Weekly: March 7, 2018

Spoilers as we’re going for another format change this week.


(Source: The CW)

I believe I’m starting to suffer from superhero fatigue again. Black Lightning showed us yet another shade of Peter Gambi, the start of Anissa’s path as a superhero in training and possibly Black Lightning’s hero status being compromised in the eyes of the public. With the death of Lady Eve, things are starting to roll downhill a lot faster. Some key scenes were amazing, some were good and a few did border on repeated stuff but overall this show still edges out in front to the rest of the CW lineup.

The Flash went for the gut giving us a scenario in which Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick must join forces with Barry. The enemy this time was not DeVoe but a nuclear explosion. It was good, but why I didn’t quite find it that… moving… is another question. Yes, fine performances by all, but still a good episode not a great series make. Also, time-traveling girl is back as Jitters’ barista.

I also revisited Arrow this week. Katie Cassidy is playing Black Siren quite nicely, but the heartstrings tug comes via Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance and his desperate act of saving a dream that seems hopeless. I can’t help but think this was the inner struggle that I appreciated much more than the growing animosity between Team Arrow and the Ex-Team.

Finally, a little time traveling with Legends of Tomorrow gives us a much heroic but naive Ray Palmer in an almost comedic kidnapping-turn-alliance with the Dahrks. Same as in Arrow, there are episodes where Damien is as evil as they come and there are episodes in which he’s just cartoonishly evil to the point of almost being endearing. Unfortunately, I believe in the end he feels either a) bipolar b) very badly written or c) both, sometimes in the same episode. Also, Wally West! Couldn’t he grab Amaya’s Spirit Totem too? Still, it was so cool to see Wally again. And of course, Rip Hunter could not depart without a little mystery… What is the truth about Ava?

That will do for now.

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Superhero Weekly: Flash channels the Speed Force and it’s Checkmate for Arrow

Spoilers may be closing in.

It was a week without Supergirl, with Barry going after Wally in The Flash and Oliver unmasking his enemy in Arrow.

(Source: The CW)

The Flash is still trying to work and flesh out its main villain. If Zoom was a combination of evil human and CGI monster, Savitar is double the CGI and no human to speak for yet. There might be more to say about that in the future. However, the main antagonist of sorts this time is not Savitar but the mystical Speed Force itself. The very bluntly named Into The Speed Force is another moral dilemma for Barry as he must use his wits to battle the impersonation of Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond and Leonard Snart in an almost Scrooge-like lesson about how much friends have sacrificed their lives for his ideal of heroism. He also must outrun a Time Wraith that might have been Zoom at some point.

The lesson he learns after his three ghosts, is that he has to save Iris himself. He figures this out because, reasons. Meaning, I’m not sure why is that the logical conclusion. To make things more dramatic (yeah, really) he gets help from Jay Garrett, the Golden Age Flash, who also takes the place of Wally. This makes sense because… it doesn’t. If the lesson for Barry was to stop letting his friends sacrifice themselves for him, it’s undone already when he leaves Jay behind in Wally’s place!

Yes, we must talk about Jesse Quick, but we’re out of time. More in the Highs and Lows.

(Source: The CW)

Meanwhile in ArrowCheckmate brings us what all the previews already spoiled. Adrian Chase is Prometheus. Actually his name is false, and we’ve been all duped by thinking Adrian Chase was Vigilante. Secrets are spoiled as Oliver finds Talia in the present and learns she is the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul. I really hope this means Nyssa is coming back somehow. The other anti-climatic bomb is that she trained Prometheus, aka Adrian Chase.

But as awkward as that reveal is, the episode does begin to take a dark twisted turn as Adrian Chase remains alongside the mayor and in his position as District Attorney, forcing Oliver to compromise the Green Arrow further and further. It’s a strange game of manipulation where Susan Williams’ life hangs on the line. It has its loopholes, but I did like the overall mind game effect. I have to give kudos to Josh Segarra, the actor behind Adrian/Prometheus for switching into a manipulative sociopathic persona. It turned Prometheus from a mask-wearing bore to more colourful and dangerous antagonist.

I may not have cared for the Bratva flashbacks, but I still find potential in Felicity’s side story with Helix. She’s drawn deeper and deeper in debt with them, and with the finale ending in another hostage situation, she’s not able to walk away since she knows they’re her best chance.


  • The Flash needs a happy episode pronto. Where is that musical episode? Does it really take that long to make?
  • Jesse Quick! Holy crap. HR Wells said literally the most sexist, chauvinistic and idiotic thing imaginable. He said, to Jesse’s face, to wait until… The real Flash gets here. If there has ever been a character to deserve getting punched, it was him. I do not believe he should so easily being forgiven for it.
  • HR Wells also gets to discover a weakness in Savitar’s armour – literally the fact he uses an armour, which means he’s a man underneath.
  • I also think this line from Jesse should’ve been given more gravitas: In my earth, I am the real Flash! At least she also got to be the first Flash to hurt Savitar, and I know why she must return to Earth-3, but still… She’s out of the picture already? Doesn’t seem fair.
  • The extra drama that nobody asked for was Barry deciding to move out on Iris because… I guess this way he can be far away in case she’s in danger… Ok, wait that doesn’t make sense. This is another case of let’s create drama for no reason.
  • John Wesley Shipp appearing as the Golden Age Flash again. That’s a high. Just to sacrifice himself? That is a low as low as you can get. Are we really leaving him there?
  • But Arrow really shined with Checkmate. When Oliver loses it in the Arrow cave, I almost expected him to go rogue from everyone and turn into solo vigilantism again. I half wanted that, to be honest.
  • Watching Felicity is like watching an addict descend deeper and deeper into her vice. It’s not amusing, but it makes for an interesting tale. The added twist has to be that dark ending with Oliver captive (I said there would be spoilers, people) and Felicity realizing she will do anything Helix tells her to find him again.
  • Josh Segarra aka Adrian Chase was an interesting, straight-arrow character. Now he’s playing a sociopath who enjoys what he does and believes he’s here to help Oliver realize who he is. After being someone Oliver can trust, Adrian has revealed himself as Prometheus. More importantly, Prometheus has become a much more interesting enemy by being revealed as Adrian.
  • I won’t mention my theory about Susan Williams being Vigilante this time. Buuut honestly, it’s about the one thing you could do to make Susan interesting again. Otherwise we’re just doing damsel in distress. Trope as old as time…
  • For now the real enemy is Adrian Chase. However, I think the bigger enemy that was revealed was Talia Al Ghul, sending Adrian Chase to make Oliver suffer for the death of her father. Does that mean Talia will eventually be the bigger bad for Team Arrow to defeat? Does someone have Nyssa on speed dial?

That will do for now.

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Superhero Weekly: Finale thoughs! The Flash runs The Race of His Life. Arrow hits a Schism.

Spoilers will race you to the finish line.

The Flash wins it all in The Race of His Life. And by that, I have to say this show consistently maintains a level of quality without losing both its goofiness and its comic book background. There was so much awesome here. Yes, the beginning is dark – very dark. It almost seems we left that between the last episode and here. But rather that let the hate flow through our hero, the show – and the rest of Team Flash which now includes everyone – are trying to save Barry. He’s ready to give in to the Dark Side of the Speedforce, but his friends won’t let him. They know if they do, they’ll lose him forever. Yet it feels wrong to see Barry locked up by those he trusts.

(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)

(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)

It’s not a moral battle. Zoom wants this, he wants Barry too angry to realize what he’s up to. Too angry to come up with countermeasures. The Team really hits it very close to the mark. A jammed tranquilizer gun leaves Joe with no option but to tranq Zoom directly, getting in the path as Harrison’s blast knocks the supervillain into Cisco’s vibe-generated portal.

So it’s up to Wally to free Barry, but as the now accepted race duel takes place we’re given no indication of what Barry intends to do. That’s probably for the best, as I’m not sure how that time-cloning thing works. And of course, the identity of the Man in the Iron Mask has been evident since last week. Looking back I see how my initial prediction was more of a dream to save Arrow than a logical choice (I was hoping, but no longer expecting, for Oliver Queen 2). The identity had to finally explain Jay Garrick and the Earth-3 Flash.

(Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW)

(Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW)

Arrow splits hairs over Schism. I know some people swear by Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk. I’m not saying Neal is a bad actor. I’m saying Damien is a bad character. He’s sometimes played as psychotic, sometimes he’s charming, sometimes he’s a Bond villain and sometimes he’s the bad guy in a 1980’s children’s morning cartoon, baring his teeth and waving his fist in the air. The heroes’ journey has been all over the place this season, going from light to dark to pitch darn freaking soot. It’s been damn and damnation with most plot lines dominated by side characters, while the actual Green Arrow has been acting like a mellow version of the original Arrow.

I wish I could say the series pulled through in the end. But, I dread to make the comparison, it’s a Supergirl-like inspirational speech that pulls everyone together. The contradiction is that although Oliver lets Felicity know that Damien has become too strong for his pseudo-force like counter, suddenly it seems that Damien’s powers fails because of the number of people involved? In other words, we’re going with the usual “bring the people together”. Eventually Oliver just stabs him with an arrow. No, not a magical one.

Everyone decides to walk away because they need to think for a while and find themselves. Oliver becomes interim mayor because… He had won 48% of the vote according to polls and those are just as good as legal, right? Wow. Felicity sticks around. But whether this is a reconciliation or not, it’s not clear. Lair is destroyed. Nukes went poof. Yes, suddenly they’re somehow disabled thanks to blah. This didn’t feel like a rejected finale but more like a mismatched compilation of the entire season into one episode.


  • That was a great finale for The Flash. The twist of Barry suddenly being thrown into a meta cell was very well done. It’s not just revenge being a bad thing that pushes the Team to restrain Barry, but the knowledge that if he doesn’t make cool headed decisions he won’t be able to counter Zoom’s plans. Anger leads to hate. Sorry to go all Yoda on y’all.
  • Zoom’s dark-side lesson of “be willing to kill yourself” is actually translated by Barry into “be willing to sacrifice yourself”. No, I still don’t get how time-cloning is possible.
  • The show subtly introduced the Time Wraiths to allow Barry a guilt-free way to dispose of Zoom.
  • I know the show tried to introduce the Barry/Iris relationship but it still feels forced. The kiss was too soon and for the finale.
  • It was just fair and I should’ve just accepted that John Wesley Shipp would end becoming Jay Garrick and the Flash with the Golden Age look and style. I concede defeat.
  • That cliffhanger was just an over the top time-altering mess. What kind of Season 3 are we going to get? Barry being all happy with both his parents and no Flash? Wouldn’t that undo everything? Wouldn’t that cause the Time Wraiths to come after Barry?
  • Arrow. You need better storylines. You need three-dimensional characters. You need supervillains that are actually interesting and have a plan. And you need to figure out where you want to go and make the journey interesting. Arrow has been renewed for a fifth season. Whether or not I’ll be reviewing it is still yet to be decided.

That will do for now.

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