(Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)
(Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW)

Spoilers in the rearview mirror might be closer than they appear

Alternate title: Fire walk with me

The episode picks up right after we left Firestorm going nuclear and the Flash running away from what seems to be a nuclear explosion. Contrary to what the title implies, there is no nuclear fallout. Somehow that has been absorbed and neutralized (?). The result is that we get Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) finally separated from Martin Stein (Victor Garber). By the way, I’m probably the last person to find out that Robbie is cousins with Stephen Amell aka Oliver Queen.

It’s a happy moment to finally see Caitlin reunited with Ronnie, and Ronnie with everyone at STAR labs. Stein is the only one left out, as he just wants to be reunited with his wife. Unfortunately, a new danger presents itself. General Wade Eiling wants Firestorm. When he manages to track Ronnie down while he’s reconnecting with Caitlin, Stein discovers they are still connected in some level and alerts Barry.

The Flash quickly makes work of Stein’s forces and then stops. For effect? Rookie move, Barry. The general produces some sort of nail bomb that is attracted to the kinetic energy of Barry’s powers. Ouch. Fortunately Caitlin manages to save them both. Poor Barry has to endure each needle/pin (they look like nails to me) taken out one by one.

Joe West shows Barry the images that Cisco and him have discovered at his old house (no Cherry in sight). Barry realizes that the only way he could have been there 15 years ago is that at some point in time he discovers the way to travel back in time. He shares this with Dr. Stein who tells him the obvious. Ok, the comic-book-obvious. If the Flash eventually becomes fast enough, he will be able to break through the time-space continuum. If I had a nickel for every time that I’ve seen someone warn against altering the time-space continuum… Anyhow, it’s up to Dr. Wells to explain the two possibilities of traveling back in time. Either the time traveler becomes part of history as if it was always meant to be or we get parallel universes.

Props to Cisco for describing these two with movie trivia: Terminator and Back To The Future.

Dr. Harrison Wells is not idle. He actually goes and talks to General Eiling because… well, there’s a reason somewhere but it seems the general has something on him. Wells eventually drugs Stein and turns him over to Eiling. The general proceeds to torture him, which is felt by Ronnie. Eventually they find a way to communicate. Hopefully that will heal. Stein manages to send a message back in a simpler, more obvious way – yes, it’s the old Morse code to the rescue. That reminds me, I really gotta learn Morse code one of these days.

The Flash races to the rescue bringing Ronnie along. Eventually Barry is incapacitated by a chemical gadget and force to run in circles to create a vacuum that can neutralize the weapon. Ronnie reunites with Stein and they willingly merge into Firestorm. This time Ronnie is at the helm and he makes the general’s forces eat their own weight in fireballs. We also discover they can now talk telepathically while merged. The general, however manages to stop Firestorm. Why? Because he has a thermal deto- Ok, ok, because he has some sort of ion thing that temporarily disables Firestorm’s mojo. Of course, it’s Barry to the rescue at the last second.

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So, where do we stand? Well, pesky Iris is going to turn into nosy reporter girl soon it seems, as she recognizes Ronnie’s face from a picture of Firestorm. Stein and Ronnie can now split at will as long as Ronnie puts on the device before they join. Barry is going to try and change history to save his mother.

But for General Eiling, the Reverse Flash has other plans. He whisks him away to a very familiar sewer. There he reveals to him that he’s Dr. Wells. But the general has bigger problems. A voice sounds in his head, an obvious inference to telepathy. Soon, the large shape of Grodd grabs him and drags him away into the dark.


  • I already gave him props, but Cisco’s movie references explained the two possible natures of time better than anything else.
  • Harrison Wells finally appears in costume as the Reverse Flash. Has he managed to overcome the limitation of his powers that he exhibited in the past? Or is it perhaps that he has his bad days and his good days?
  • We finally get to see Grodd. And he seems to deal with General Eiling. The show has the good habit of doing the unexpected. One would expect General Eiling to remain a thorn on the whole gang at STAR Labs. Then again, it’s very possible that this is not the last we see of him.


  • Iris West. I do want her to be brought on board with the secret. I really don’t want her becoming the nosy reporter that they all have to keep making awkward excuses around. Please don’t pull a Thea Queen and have her wait three seasons to find out.
  • Barry knocks over all the general’s men. Then he pauses in front of him, giving him time to go for a gadget. Firestorm does the same thing after he throws fireballs at everyone and then stops before lighting the general up. Ok, Firestorm may be new to this thing but Barry is the fastest man alive. He should have knocked Eiling down first.

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