(Source: AMC)
(Source: AMC)

Spoiler warning.

Alternate Title: We Are The Walking Dead

I’ve been waiting for Rick to say that phrase from the comics where we learn why this show is named this way. It’s said in a completely different tone and style in this episode, which puts the characters so very close to a thread of sanity that it almost seems ridiculous.

Basically, everything is running out. They’re out of gas, barely any water left and little to no food to the point that we see Daryl digging for worms. Sasha, Maggie and Daryl are still dealing with the loss of Beth and Tyreese. The survivors can’t seem to catch a break.

A pack of dogs gone feral attacks them, or is very close to doing so. Sasha is quick to take them out. Almost immediately, Rick reaches for a branch. It’s dinner time. It’s a low and everyone knows it, including Father Gabriel.

They suddenly get an unexpected gift. Water just when they need it the most. With a note. From a friend. And suddenly we have a new mystery coming ahead. But before they even know if to trust such a gift, thunder announces rain. Actually, a storm is coming. A bad one.

It is while they weather the storm inside a barn that Rick tries to rile the troops… Not his best effort. But eventually the entire group has to come together to push the door against a horde of walkers from outside.

Things do look better in the morning, as Maggie and Sasha discover the storm has literally crushed the walkers against the trees. And while Maggie looks at a broken toy that Daryl fixed, a new character appears in front of them.

It’s Aaron. And he’s a friend. Comic book readers you know what comes next… hush 😉


  • It’s not until the very end that we realize we’re in a transition chapter. New characters and new challenges are coming our way.
  • The whole group of survivors trying to keep the walkers outside the barn.
  • The ending scene, when the ballerina toy starts twirling. Hope? Dare we hope again?


  • The pace. Before the final scene, we’re getting really down to a crawl.
  • The amount of times a character breaks down in despair and we’re just waiting for a walker to grab them from behind. Easiest way to die around here.
  • Did we really need a transition episode where close to nothing happens?

That will do for now.

(Source: AMC)