(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)
(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW)

Spoilers ahead.

Alternate Title: The secret is out

I usually do this at the end of the post, but this was an amazing episode.

We’ve got poor Laurel Lance, Canary 2.0, trying her best only to be told off by Oliver. She exorcises quite a few demons this week. Besides standing up for Oliver, poor Laurel will have to face her own sister… but not really. Count Vertigo (the older version) has returned and he’s still using that quick dart throwing technique. Laurel ends up in his sights twice. The first time is really bad, and her confrontation leaves her in a really bad shape.

Meanwhile, Malcolm (or as Felicity calls him, Oliver’s new BFF) convinces Oliver that the only way to keep Thea safe is to join forces. This means she has to be let in to the secret of Arrow. Oliver agrees, but believes this could forever tear her away from him. It’s not a long wait. Thea is finally allowed into the basement aka the Arrow Cave. Because some of us call it that. The result is one heck of a relief and a happy moment for Oliver as Thea finally discovers his brother as a hero. Ok, a hero that has been lying to her for years but nevertheless one with a conscience and an ideal.

The reveal also has another effect. Thea then learns that Malcolm also knew about Olivier and she turns on the former member of the League of Assassins. In a complete 180 degree turn, Thea now distrusts Malcolm Merlyn more than ever. I would have believed it a little more if they had revealed to her the fight and almost death of Oliver. Still, it was very heartwarming to see Thea and Oliver finally connecting again as brother and sister.

Oliver is not as understanding with Laurel. After her last bout with the Count ends with Laurel hurt, bleeding and poisoned with Vertigo, Oliver is furious. He tries to prevent Thea from seeing Laurel as they bring her in, but Roy stands up for her. Felicity seizes the moment to reveal a turn of events that Oliver has not perceived. This is no longer Oliver’s mission. Everyone has taken arms and has fought for Starling City, and that means everyone has found that saving the city is a mission of their own. This has been the case for a while, but Oliver has not seen it.

Thea walks away and runs into Chase the DJ. She takes him back home, hoping for “something simple”. But as we know, Chase is really with the League. Thea suspects something when Chase serves red wine to her, remembering that Malcolm once taught her it’s used to mask cyanide. They fight until Roy appears as Arsenal. Chase seems to overpower him until he gets hit by an arrow from Malcolm. Before Malcolm can ask him any questions, Chase drinks poison himself and dies.

Meanwhile, it’s time to take down the Count and Arrow doesn’t have his trusty sidekick. Laurel dons the Canary guise once more. Count Vertigo is caught but he promptly makes an exit while setting the place ablaze with the chemists he has forced to work on his drug chained to their ceiling. Arrow goes about liberating them and saving one badly injured fellow, which means Canary is up for the pursuit. Unfortunately, she gets darted with Vertigo again (Laurel, learn to duck!) and it’s personal-demon-facing time again as this time Vertigo not only takes on Sara’s appearance but also Quentin’s. Just as it seems it’s time to face the music for the new Canary, she overcomes her fears and brings down the Count for good, but without killing him.

It’s not over yet as Felicity relays news about Thea. Oliver races over to find the situation under control. However, Malcolm thinks it’s time for both Oliver and Thea to train themselves elsewhere. The situation ends up being none other than the island of the past.

Quentin finally gets something he’s been owed for a while. Laurel wants to tell him the truth, to which he replies he’s already figured it’s her behind the mask. The rest of the truth, however, makes him double in pain as Laurel confesses Sara is finally and truly gone.

The flashbacks on this episode are mainly about Oliver getting caught by ARGUS, a call he once made home that was never heard and a threat from Amanda Waller to go after Thea Queen if Oliver doesn’t give up the Yamashiros. Oliver does, which turns out to be false information Maseo gave him in case he got caught and tortured. However, Maseo gives himself up anyway to rescue Oliver. As a result they are both brought to a new destination: Starling City!


  • There’s a very nice conversation between Felicity and Laurel where the hacker extraordinaire lets Laurel know she’s got an internal light about her and doesn’t need to become her sister.
  • The scene where Oliver reveals to Thea that he’s the Arrow could have gone a lot of ways. But Thea is the bigger person and no longer a mindless socialite herself. Also, Oliver and Thea seem a lot closer after that reveal.
  • Felicity saying “no, we need this!” as Roy stands up to Olivier and John tries to defuse the situation. It really has been more than just Oliver’s mission for a long, long time.
  • I feel for Quentin, I really do. That’s why I am glad he finally gets to grieve for Sara. The whole “protect your loved ones by lying to them” does not work, and in this chapter everyone finally knows everything. The cards are on the fucking table for everyone to see and now we can get some progress.
  • Hell of a climatic reveal with Oliver riding in a car into Starling City. He was back in the city before being rescued? Count me in. This is intriguing.


  • It’s still hard to buy that Count Vertigo can kick Laurel’s ass while she’s poisoned with the drug. I get it that her system is affected, but it doesn’t make up for the fights when they’re trading blows. The obvious answer is that in real life, Laurel is imagining the whole fight and Count Vertigo is just beating her when she’s incapacitated. It doesn’t account for the blows that Laurel was throwing not hitting him – but I guess we can chalk those up to the hallucinations as well.
  • Thea’s transition is a little too smooth, too convenient for Ollie but I bought them hook and sinker anyways. I really love seeing the two Queen heirs finally together as a family again. Makes me wonder how things would’ve turned out if Ollie would have made Thea a confidant to his crusade from the beginning. Still, not really complaining too much about how easy it became.

That will do for now.

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