(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)
(Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)

Summer loving happens so fast… I mean, spoilers headed your way

Alternate title: KARAOKE!

Yes, Barry Allen finally does karaoke in this episode. Chasing down a teleporting baddie and her fiance that she just sprung from jail, the pining Caitlin and Barry end up at a bar with a few drinks and some karaoke. Barry, Barry, Barry…!

John Wesley Shipp appears once more as Barry’s dad, imprisoned in Iron Heights. It’s a strange reunion as the recent escape allows them to interact directly. Henry Allen proves valuable to them both as he manages to get some information for Joe (and Flash). For poking around, he gets stabbed. As Barry visits him, it’s almost obvious in one of the final scenes that Henry knows who the Flash is.

The teleporting villainess Peek-A-Boo is actually quite a challenge for Barry. I actually saw her above the usual B-List of villains. However, the other baddie who actually proves more dangerous is Hartley aka Pied Piper from last week. Although Cisco is mighty crafty about using gadgetry to keep him in line, he’s also foolish enough to trust him. Hartley actually shows him the truth about Firestorm: Dr. Stein and Ronnie appear to have combined during the explosion of the particle accelerator. Hartley escapes in the end.

The cake of the show this week is Caitlin. After having one too many, she proves terrible but entertaining at Karaoke. She also manages to drag Barry into it, which earns him an admirer and a future date. Before all that, Barry will be the perfect gentleman and take Caitlin home (including super-speeding her into her pijamas) so she can sleep off the hangover.

Cisco admitting his mistake with Hartley Rathaway turned to be quite heartfelt, specially since he decides to also confess to closing the doors which sealed Ronnie’s fate. Even through her hangover, Caitlin forgiving him was noble and mature. That’s expected for this show, where the level of niceness is amazingly bright, but any other show would have exploited that for drama reasons.

Great episode overall.


  • Well balanced side stories! Cisco and the Pied Piper, Caitlin and Barry, Barry and Henry. There was a lot to follow. The teleporting villain was even seen as a serious threat, specially when Barry has to catch a bullet as it hits him on the back of his head.
  • The karaoke scene! It needed to be longer. Moar karaoke!
  • Caitlin and Barry. Something there? Perhaps not. But I’m glad Barry gets a date and may be doing something more than pining for Iris.
  • Henry Allen’s speech about Flash. He knows, but most important, he understands it.


  • Peek-A-Boo and her boyfriend never quite seem to sell their tragic love story. I mean, it’s obvious from the start that it’s one-sided, but some effort should’ve been there in selling it. He abandons her in the end, which felt a little too afterschool special for me.

(Source: The CW)