(Source: Sony Pictures)
(Source: Sony Pictures)

I thought I was done with time travel movies, but I was wrong. Well, not exactly.

The hilariously awkward Space Station 76 is movie set in the distant future… of the 70’s. With sets and costumes that would’ve been very comfortable in an episode of Buck Rogers, the complete effect was the amazing musical soundtrack from the same seventies era.

Director Jack Plotnick commands the ensemble cast of Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Matt Bomer, Marisa Coughlan, Kylie Rogers among others to bring you the most hilarious of space operas. Lieutenant Jessica Marlowe played by Liv Tyler joins the Omega 76 station where sexism, smoking and horrible behaviour run rampant.

Discovering the characters is half the fun so I will not spoil who is who except for two special mentions. The first goes to young actress Kylie Rogers who plays Sunshine, an adorable girl with one of the most dysfunctional mothers you’ll ever meet. The other mention goes to Dr. Bot, a robot therapist that spews canned cliche responses at serious problems and prescribes valium like it’s going out of style.

Recommended with just one reservation. The only flaw in this retro sci-fi comedy is the fact that it seems to lack a completely satisfying resolution. By the time you see the credits rolling you kind of hope you get an epilogue or at least a “where are they now” montage. It’s the only thing missing, to the point that I wouldn’t have mind if had lasted an extra hour.

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