Comics Review: Batman Beyond #13, Bad Ass #4 and Lady Mechanika

(Source: DC)

(Source: DC)

Spoilers will be included.

Hopefully you didn’t drop the series because Batman Eternal #13 is getting interesting on both fronts. Gordon meets with his not-quite-deceased son, James Jr. and it goes as well as you might expect. Jr. is offering him a way out – literally. It’s not Gordon’s style but what good can he do behind bars in Blackgate where everyone wants him dead?

Lieutenant Bard is up to something, and it’s actually an amazing plan. Bats is partially involved, but you know there’s a twist coming. It’s not mind-boggling, it’s basically a diversion and the actual bust is not significant. What is significant is that it causes issues between Interim Commissioner Forbes and Falcone. It’s now up to Vicky Vale to get the whole thing out there.

Recommended. Bard might be stealing the spotlight here, and he has earned it. Gordon knows that James Jr. is not to be trusted, but we’ll have to see if he chooses to remain an easy target at Blackgate or becomes a fugitive.

(Source: Dynamite)

(Source: Dynamite)

Bad Ass #4 is out and it’s the final issue. Where has this series been? I had completely lost track of it. I reviewed the first issue back in January and then it disappeared. The other issues were apparently released in March and April and completely flew under my radar.

It’s a good but short run. It covers Dead End’s origin and the outcome of his confrontation with superheroes that are variant alternatives of the Justice League. His main antagonist, Black Snake, is a Batman clone. However, Dead End’s incredible luck, that creates violent accidents and quite a few casualties, is never explained. Although he does make some plans and even has a sidekick to provide him with a robot, luck kind of wins in the very end.

Recommended with reservations. It’s an anti-superhero comic. Although it patterns itself after Kick-Ass it actually reminds me a lot more of The Boys. With all the violence and the careless regard for life, you won’t find any redeeming qualities but as a guilty pleasure it’s a bit short.

(Source: Benitez Productions)

(Source: Benitez Productions)

Joe Benitez has his own publishing company now with Benitez Productions. That means we get digital re-issues of Lady Mechanika (0, 1 and 2). The fact that Benitez has stated on his website that Mechanika’s return is the first order of business gives me hope this comic can restart, continue and thrive.

Lady Mechanika is a private investigator in an alternate version of 20th century England. She herself is a creation, part human and part machine, with no knowledge of her origin. She’s a proficient gunslinger and close combat fighter. She’s investigating a mystery that could give her clues to her own origin.

Heavily recommended. It’s actually easy to get into this comic since Lady Mechanika #0 is FREE. You get the first taste of her world. It’s not just one character but an entire steampunk-flavored environment that we get to experience. But as Tom Petty sings, the waiting is the hardest part. Hopefully it won’t take a yearly wait to get a new issue out.

That will do for now.

Coming up!

(Sources: Comixology)

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