Trailers will be included.

This is an early draft. As the dates draw near I might not get a chance to update this list until the tickets go on sale, so this could be as close as I get to a favorite list before I actually get tickets.

Fuku-chan of Fukufuku Flats (Japan)

A Japanese comedy. Maybe, depending on the schedule.

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Ghost in the Shell (Japan)

The famous anime in HD version from 1995. This supposedly takes place on opening night after Mamoru Oshii gets a Lifetime Achievement Award. It’s going to be very, very busy. Maybe.

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Ju-On: Beginning of the End (Japan)

The famous horror franchise gets a reboot. A must if I can get a ticket.

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Kite (USA)

It’s based on an anime of the same name which I haven’t seen. It features Samuel L. Jackson which means it could go either way. It’s on my list but it could be good, bad or mediocre. Maybe, will depend on the schedule, and no tears will be shed if I don’t catch it.

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Life After Beth (USA)

Aubrey Plaza as a zombie. Comedy horror but mostly comedy. Anna Kendrick makes an appearance but she’s not mentioned in the main cast. Maybe if the schedule allows.

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Live / Raivu (Japan)

Naoto Tamura’s mother has been kidnapped. Following clues in a book, he must accomplish several tasks so she won’t be murdered. He’s not the only one tasked to complete the clues, which means it’s a race to see who gets to save their loved ones. I’m intrigued by this one, so if the schedule allows I’m in.

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Miss Granny (Korea)

A comedy about a grandmother that suddenly ages back to her youth. If time allows, maybe.

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Predestination (Australia)

Peter and Michael Spierig direct Ethan Hawke in a time-traveling feature. Sarah Snook’s breakthrough performance is not to be missed. A must if I can get a ticket and the schedule allows.

No trailer for this one. More information at

Suburban Gothic (USA)

Horror comedy by Richard Bates, Jr.  Stars Matthew Gray Gubler, Kat Dennings. Raymond returns to his hometown with a useless MBA and an ability to channel ghosts. Then a vengeful spirit wreaks havoc and he must seek out the help of Becca, a badass bartender. Should be fun, will definitely go see it if the schedule allows.

No trailer for this one though. Check out Bloody Disgusting for pictures.

The Devil’s Mile (Canada)

Horror and crime thriller. Criminals and their hostages take a wrong turn into the middle of nowhere. Maybe if the schedule allows.

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The Infinite Man (Australia)

Time-traveling comedy romance. Enough said. If I can schedule it, I’m there.

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The Huntresses (South Korea)

Korean martial arts comedy. Cheesy and tacky, but still a must.

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The White Storm (Hong Kong)

Benny Chan directs this crime thriller. If time allows, for sure.

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The Zero Theorem

A guy wants to discover the meaning of existance and… I am not explaining a Terry Gilliam movie. Starts Christoph Waltz. Just watch it.

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White Bird In A Blizzard (USA)

Gregg Araki directs Shailene Woodley and Eva Green. Wouldn’t mind seeing it, but it’s told from Shailene’s character perspective. A maybe if time allows.

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That will do for now.

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