Comics Review: Injustice Year Two #2, Hacktivist #1, Bad-Ass #1 & X-Wing Rogue Squadron

(Source: DC Comics)

(Source: DC Comics)

Sometimes I think I should’ve named this site Spoilers Ahead.

It’s the second offering of the game-based comic Injustice Year Two #2 and this one is almost a one-shot. That being said, you really owe it to yourself to check this one out. Kyle Rainer comes back to Earth after being away for a long time. He’s going to be intercepted by a known enemy.

I feel that everything that I can tell you about this issue is going to give it away. I do include spoilers when I review stuff but when the outcome is so unexpected it’s just too much to just write the entire comic here. It’s a short story and it’s very definitive. If they find a way to undo the outcome of this comic they’re ruining the finality of it. The fact that you can take down someone so powerful with such a simple but logical move just felt shocking.

Recommended, but I can see diehard fans might hate the outcome in this comic. I’d say pick it up only if you’re already familiar with Injustice’s what if scenario.

(Source: Archaia Comics)

(Source: Archaia Comics)

I picked up Archaia’s Hacktivist #1 on a hunch and without any idea of who created it. Turns out this comic is the brainchild of Alyssa Milano and Anonymous. I’m guessing I don’t have to explain who either one is.

The comic is about a group of hackers called sve_Urs3lf which is really comprised of solely two people, Nate Graft and Ed Hiccox. They are hiding in plain sight, as owners of a successful social media site that has already made them rich. Their activities however cause political change around the globe, attracting the attention of Sirine, a young woman fighting for the freedom of her native country, Tunisia. Eventually, their activities will also cause them to get the attention of the C.I.A.

The comic has a good quality, and the story has both the potential to be different or fall into the same cliche hacker story that Hollywood redoes every now and then. With one guy playing the straight arrow and another the reckless party goer, there’s a Robin-Hood flair of heroism that is the strongest appeal of the story. Feels like a guilty pleasure to read it, and hopefully it keeps that up.

Recommended and here’s hoping the other issues improve on what we’ve seen so far.

(Source: Dynamite Comics)

(Source: Dynamite Comics)

In the same vein of guilty pleasures, I picked up Bad-Ass #1 which you can actually find both in Comixology and Dark Horse Digital. I’m still more used to the Comixology App (plus the fact that you can resume the interrupted downloads on CX’s).

The sales pitch of Bad-Ass is just… bad. The comic is not the “son of Kick-Ass and Deadpool” although I will concede some parts of the comics have shades of them. It remind me a little more of Wanted, the original comic -not the shitty movie adaptation.

Dead End is a master assassin with the uncanny ability to throw unlikely projectile a-la-Bullseye but with a ricochet effect that looks like he’s got some probability-altering skill such as Marvel’s Longshot. Interested? Here’s the added flavor: he’s all for mayhem and violence and clean and cut makes him puke. He’s the no-excuses violence-loving psychopath bad guy with a dark sense of humour.

I was originally a bit scared that this was going to feel too much like a rough web comic but this comic feels like it has legs.

Recommended. With a couple of colorful characters to antagonize/backstab and plenty of other bad guys to kill, the stage promises some fun and mayhem.

(Source: Dark Horse Comics)

(Source: Dark Horse Comics)

We’re turning it over to Dark Horse for the final review of the week with the Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron bundle. $24.99 gives you all three volumes in omnibus format of all the Rogue Squadron’s adventures. Some of them might be a little more dated than others but the overall deal is you get the friggin’ entire collection. Forget your experience with real-life omnibus editions which are small in size. A digital omnibus is as large as your screen and zooms in like a regular comic.

I had my problems downloading it with the Dark Horse Digital app. Each time I would download the whole thing, the comics would refuse to appear inside my Star Wars collection. In the end I had to resort to erase every other Star Wars comic and download the Rogue Squadron first. I know that’s not a shining recommendation for the app, and that’s why I think DH still has some improvements (and fixes) to work on. My books inside the Star Wars collection for Device still won’t group up like they do inside the Cloud.

Comic-wise, it’s 948 pages of a comic book that has span several years. It’s a deal for the price and it seems unlike CX time-limited deals, DH will keep its offers going for a while. If you’re already used to the nuances of the DH app and are a SW fan, this one’s a bundle you might not want to miss.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology, Dark Horse Digital)

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