(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

It’s now a secret told aloud that Peter Parker is scheduled to come back. Oh yeah, spoilers ahead. Oops.

But as I read Superior Spider-Man #26, I wonder if there’s not a way that, somehow, in some crazy way we could have both Spideys in the same universe. Perhaps it’s for the best, but Doc Ock as Superior really drew me into this comic. Then again, if the closure is definitive (or temporarily definitive, as all things in any comic universe) then I hope the book gets a fitting and satisfying resolution.

There’s a goblin war going on in the pages of #26. Despite my lack of interest at the built up in previous issues, I find myself taking sides with the Green Goblin / Goblin King here. Don’t expect this to last long. In fact, it’s mostly over in this very issue.

Meanwhile, Spider-Ock faces the Avengers again with Tony Stark now adamant that information was tampered by Otto. We also get insight into Peter Parker’s current metaphysical whereabouts, as he seems to embark on quest to claim back his… mask? mantle? web-shooters? I think the most precise term would be identities – both of them.

It’s no surprise Superior becomes resistant to the Avengers’ questioning, sneakily manipulating everything into his attempt at keeping his identity a secret. However, it doesn’t fly – until he does. I’m sure making an exit and quitting the Avengers will NOT get them off his tail, but we’ve been at this juncture already a few times. It’s time to up the ante.

Recommended, if anything to see Peter Parker start his surreal hero quest back to where he belongs but also because we want to know what happens to Spider-Ock.

(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

Earth 2 is all kinds of messed up – in a good way. It’s an alternate reality where we’re letting every rule out the window. Now in Earth 2 Annual #2 we learn the origin of Earth 2’s new Batman. Spoiler-ish hints to follow.

If you followed the Flashpoint arc that ended the pre-new-52’s era you’re going to see parallels here. It’s an unlikely, but familiar scenario. I say unlikely because it doesn’t seem logical for a character to simulate his death and hide it from his family and familiar because you’ll actually know what happens but it’s still an interesting story to see unfold.

Creating a Batman darker than the original has always seem like the trend in What-If scenarios. I’ve always wondered about trying to make him less dark – because as much as I like the Dark Knight dark, it does seem that right now way too many characters in media are going to the Dark Side.

Recommended, still. This is Batman with a death wish. Now let’s make other characters in the roster interesting as well.

(Source: DC Comics)
(Source: DC Comics)

And we end with the final number of Damian: Son of Batman #4 of 4. Damian is right in the middle of battle, fighting off what looks like countless enemies in close proximity.

There’s a little too much going on with all the foes he’s facing, and yet not enough to grab my attention. It doesn’t seem like there’s anybody memorable, just a mix of clowns and gorillas. Still, what grabbed my attention was the inner conflict that Damien seems to face at being pinned and resisting the temptation to kill while in the presence of his father.

It’s the finale, we know that he’ll live to appear in Batman #666, and Alfred the talking cat (which only talks in Damien’s psyche for sure) still freaks me out a little. Still, after all is said and done, we get two finales. We get Damien-Batman in a bit of a cheesy scene taking down a two-bit criminal (it really could’ve been done better) and one more threatening scene with one enemy coming back. You probably can guess who. Ha.

That will do for now.

(Sources: Comixology)