(Source: Image Comics)
(Source: Image Comics)

Twice the comics review in one week! Hope it makes up for no Agents of SHIELD for the last two weeks. Spoilers approaching.

Welcome to Saga #18! You won’t want to miss this issue as all the converging storylines are resolved.

There’s a lot going on. Gwendolyn on Quietus means all sort of trouble. She seems to have the upper hand but you can’t count out Marko and Alaina. And I wish I could tell you something further but I can’t. Let’s just say that Gwendolyn seems willing to talk to Marko… but she still resents the hell out of Alaina.

Meanwhile, it’s up to Izabel to save Klara from Lying Cat. She does, and it’s one of the coolest things in this comic book. Then she tricks Prince Robot IV and it’s the second coolest thing in this comic book. Hopefully Izabel also appears in the next arc.

Recommended because this can’t be the final episode and it’s not. This comic is the finale of the first chapter/arc of the story but we will be getting a new chapter, and a new direction when we return to the Saga universe.

(Source: Image Comics)
(Source: Image Comics)

It’s worth getting lost in Black Science. You start by not knowing what’s going on for the first issue and it’s one hell of a start. You’ll eventually start recognizing some of the characters as tropes, but things may change. You’ll get a more complete picture by Black Science #3, but I really like how the comic is very much like the idea of getting lost – you are supposed to get lost because they are.

It’s science run amuck in infinite dimensions. Don’t picture Lost in Space, but it’s basically desperation and getting hunted down at every turn. There are no fun and games in this comic so far, just a lot of desperate measures. It’s a bit of a breakneck pace but it’s very enjoyable as we do get some downtime and exposure with flashbacks to the past.

Recommended, recommended, recommended. The whole complete disaster-with-no-recovery scenario is fresh. No magical solutions. Ok, a few magical solutions but they’re very entertainingly out of reach and temporary. The idea that this comic can go anywhere and that it has to go somewhere else completely different very soon means a risk in every issue. Totally worth it so far.

(Source: Marvel Comics)
(Source: Marvel Comics)

And we’re back to the Marvel Universe with Inhumanity #2.

I just recently decided to follow up on this comics, but this is completely unknown territory. I’ve never followed any of the Inhuman arcs, so it’s a lot of discovery and overall it’s paying off. I like the character of Medusa as the queen that leads the remains of a broken kingdom. Hopefully she remains a key character here.

There is of course a lot of history in Marvel with the Inhumans that I might not be acknowledging but sometimes jumping into unknown waters is not a bad thing where comics are related. So far, one of the characters has taken his own life and humanity’s profiteering dictators are way to happy of trying to seize Inhuman science and tech that will gain them the upper hand, only to find that Inhumans “also have dictators”.

Entertaining so far, but I can see where the story might either keep me interested or completely lose me. Recommended for an overarching Marvel story arc, and if you’re familiar with the Inhumans you probably will know what’s going on. I’m just a tourist for this one.

That will do for now

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