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I am a leaf in the wind. Watch how I soar.

We’re breaching protocol and giving you one last comic review from last week. It’s Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #1. This comic finally does something all the Firefly / Serenity fans wanted. It continues the story of the crew of the Firefly class ship Serenity after the events of the movie of the same name, which was based on the Firefly TV show. The comic is written by Zack Whedon, with Joss Whedon as the executive producer.

We get a lengthy introduction to the galaxy’s current events. The Miranda incident is all the news, although there’s a heavy political current to bury it and undermine its veracity. Another movement known as the New Resistance, with heavy browncoat involvement, attempts to make Malcolm Reynolds into a leader. The problem is nobody has been able to find the Captain or the elusive ship at the center of all the controversy.

When we finally catch up with the crew, to say the moment is bittersweet is an understatement. Malcolm and Inara are together. Kaylee and Simon are together. Zoe is very pregnant with Wash’s son, and still painfully relives Wash’s final moments. Mal’s crew is on the run and running very low on resources. And Dr. Simon Tam might just have to deliver a baby in space. With Zoe in bad shape, Captain Reynolds directs River to find a hospital and risk being discovered.

Meanwhile, the New Resistance finds missing crew member Jayne Cobbs and make him an offer he could refuse but since it’s basically money, he won’t. And the Alliance puts a bounty on the head on Malcolm Reynolds, which brings back an old foe we presumed dead. The hunt for the Serenity begins.

Recommended for browncoats only. Everyone else go watch Firefly and Serenity first.

That will do for now.

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